What are the Benefits of Using Roll Up Banners for Brand Promotion

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Today, it has become essential for every business to use the best marketing techniques to advertise its brand and grab customer’s attention. While online marketing is a great way to captivate the majority of customers, we must not forget traditional marketing ways such as using roll-up banners or roller banners. Believe it or not, but […]

The Ultimate Guide to Letterhead Printing

Letterhead Printing - Kaizen Print

What are letterheads? A letterhead is a piece of business stationery printed on a sheet of paper. Most commonly printed at A4 size, the design of letterheaded paper includes company name, address, telephone number, website and the corporate logo mark. It is often accompanied by a Compliment Slip in creating a suite of business stationery […]

What Questions to Ask a Booklet Design Professional Before Hiring Them

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What Questions to Ask from a Booklet Design Professional before Hiring Them Booklet design is really important for your business first impression as it provides a lot of information about your business. The booklet designs are more informative than business cards.  If you are planning to have a booklet to be designed in a professional […]

Tracking your return on investment on Print Marketing

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Tracking your return on investment on Print marketing Many marketers can be put off print marketing. This tends to be for one, or a combination, of the following reasons; Mistakes are not so easily rectified It’s not considered to be as cool as digital alternatives Print cannot offer the same level of analytics  If done […]

Custom Business Card Design – Things You Should Know

Custom Business Card

A business card works as a first impression for your business. You may have a perfect business website, great logo and other visual assets, but having a poorly designed business card can ruin all the reputation of your business. It should look professional. To make it look professional, you must focus on its designing works. […]

Christmas cards: Create the perfect personalised present this Christmas

Why Send Christmas Cards? Christmas cards are an essential part of the Christmas tradition and have been for over 150 years. For many though not a lot of consideration goes into buying a Christmas card just the standard card does, but when thought and consideration goes into designing a Christmas card they can become so […]

Printing in Belfast

Belfast Rise - Barry McGee

Although kaizenprint.co.uk ships online print right across the country, we’re proud to be a printer in Belfast supporting all of Northern Ireland with high quality, great value printing. For over 10 years we’ve helped thousands of businesses, charities and other organisations with all their litho, large format and digital printing requirements. Starting out from very […]

Wedding Packages

Wedding Stationery Printing and design

Introducing our Wedding Packages… The Kaizen Wedding specialist team have been busy working behind the scenes to bring you our incredible ‘Wedding Packages’. Our Wedding Packages are a set of 10 design templates, varying in styles and designs that couples can choose from. Our designers have carefully designed these templates with every type of couple […]

Christmas cards: Create the perfect personalised present this Christmas

Christmas Cards, Kaizen Print Belfast

CHRISTMAS CARD OFFER – 25% Online orders with code ‘hohoho2019’ Why Send Christmas Cards? Christmas cards are an essential part of the Christmas tradition and have been for over 150 years. For many though not a lot of consideration goes into buying a Christmas card just the standard card does, but when thought and consideration […]

Weddings: The Benefits of Personalised Stationery

Planning a wedding is a wonderful time in your life. It’s also very stressful. You want everything to be perfect. Often, people think about the invitations but forget about the other stationery items that are also needed.  From Save The Date to Thank You cards, why not have them all personalised? It makes it so […]

NI Ecommerce Awards


Yesterday marked the inaugural NI Ecommerce Awards Event being held at The Titanic Hotel, Belfast. Northern Ireland has some outstanding businesses delivering eCommerce right across the world. With this in mind, we’re delighted to be able to sponsor such an exciting and innovative award, celebrating the best of Northern Ireland’s Business to Business eCommerce websites. […]

Are brochures still relevant?

Brochure Printing Belfast

Are brochures still relevant? Short Answer: Yes.  Brochures are absolutely still relevant. While online advertising and marketing has become the number one means of communicating and connecting with audiences, businesses should be careful not to underestimate the advantages of printed brochures.  Smart marketers and businesses know that brochures remain a key method of connecting with […]

Wall Planners

wall planner printing

Who uses wall planners?  With the year’s end comes the ritual of many households and offices: getting new appointment books, wall planners or calendars to hang on walls or put on desks. In an age of smartphones and the internet, you might think the days of paper calendars are numbered. However, data would suggest otherwise. […]

How to use booklet printing in your marketing strategy

Using booklet printing for your marketing strategy If you’re not using booklets for your marketing then you’re missing out. Booklets are an often underrated marketing option. Booklets have a number of great advantages for marketers that include the opportunity to; Give customers a tangible connection with your brand Present beautiful imagery and photographs Generate greater […]

Creating a Robust Marketing Plan

Creating a robust marketing plan - Connor McAuley, MD at Kaizen Print https://kaizenprint.co.uk

Recently we held a Kaizen Print event for those entrepreneurs, business owners, sales people and marketers in the Belfast area. The event focused on how we at Kaizen Print create our own marketing plans and how this was shaped by our Managing Directors’ own experience as a marketer, salesperson and business owner. Downloadable Working Documents […]

Roller banner basics: Your most frequently asked questions

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It’s our pleasure to help our customers understand our products better. There should be no mystery in print. With this in mind we have started to develop posts around our most frequently asked questions on each of our products. Our first product is one of our most popular and for very good reasons. Roller banners […]

A Guide to Creating Hair Salon Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are a great way to bring in new customers to your business, and although many salons don’t appreciate their potential, gift vouchers are a very effective way to increase sales as well as marketing opportunities. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a treat to a relaxing hair treatment and pampering?   Unfortunately, gift cards don’t sell themselves, and if there is […]

How can well designed and printed  gift vouchers  benefit your business

If your business is not currently offering gift vouchers then you could be missing a BIG opportunity. It goes without saying that word of mouth is critical for your business. So, what better way to offer your customers a means of sharing your brand and product, than by offering your customers a beautifully designed gift voucher?  Happy customers love to […]

A printer’s guide to designing effective presentation folders

Presentation is everything when it comes to business. Whether it’s pitching to a prospective client, presenting your products to potential customers, or providing educational or informative documents at an exhibition show, the last thing you want is to leave your audience with a bad first impression.   Having a nicely designed, high quality, and on-brand presentation folder to hold your important […]

3 tips for printing successful car dealership service wallets

So just how important is a service wallet to your customers really… after all, it’s just a folder to keep more important documents in, right? Wrong… Your service wallet is both an advertising opportunity, and a reminder of the quality that your customer has just invested in.   It’s vital therefore that you don’t let standards slip when it comes to details […]

How to Decide Which Marketing Materials to Use

There’s no denying that the rise in the use of digital marketing has made printed marketing materials feel a little less necessary. However, here at Kaizen Print we know that the perfect marriage of print and design equals sales. We’ve helped many businesses to grow through creating printed materials designed with their customers in mind. […]

How Will Gift Vouchers Bring you a Positive ROI?

People love a good bargain. They also love free stuff. Selling gift vouchers and gift cards is a great way to boost business and market, all at the same time. Whether you offer a two-for-one incentive, a percentage off a purchase or a free item with purchase, they remain a viable investment. Not only do […]

Digital Printers in Belfast

Since 2009, kaizen print have been a leading digital printer in Belfast, providing all manner of large format, litho and digital printing for businesses and individuals across Northern Ireland, ROI and the rest of the UK. Our core product range focuses on small format printing, large format printing, display products and a wide range of […]