Effective Print Marketing Options

Effective Print Marketing Shelf Wobbler from Kaizen Print

For any business, providing a service to its customers is at the core.  In addition, boosting sales and revenue is crucial to the survival of a business.  One of the most effective ways to achieve the goal of boosting sales is to continually expand your market.  There isn’t a lot of ways to expand your customer base that doesn’t involve some form of marketing.  Marketing is critical to the success of any business.  The ability to reach untapped depths of the market is what sets successful marketers to the top.  Digital marketing has become a behemoth these days and for good reason.  However, traditional and effective print marketing still plays a pivotal role in reaching the masses.

High Quality Is Effective Print Marketing

The one thing that should be pointed off at the beginning is that traditional print marketing alone isn’t going to give immediate results.  We will go through some effective print marketing pieces that will assist in growing your market.  However, the quality and care you put into your business or service must be applied to your marketing in order to succeed.  The proper thought and consideration should be invested into all of your marketing campaigns.  In addition, good quality materials will show the professionalism of your business and will keep your marketing alive.

Digital vs. Print Marketing

The easy route is to invest all your money and time into digital marketing.  There are many benefits to digital marketing.  You can reach a massive audience in no time with relative ease.  You can also track the performance of your digital assets and optimise future campaigns accordingly.  However, are you really reaching such a wide audience?  Studies show that a large number of consumers are more trusting of print marketing.  In addition, not everyone is tech-savvy or even comfortable continuing on devices any more than they have to.  Therefore, in order to truly reach a massive audience, a healthy digital campaign should be balanced with a robust print campaign.

Effective Print Marketing Tools

There are various print marketing tools that can be used to expand your market.  Businesses and organisations will need to continue to utilise print marketing for effective market communication.  Let’s look at some of the more beneficial materials for effective print marketing.

Business Cards

Business cards are an essential form of business stationery.  They make the perfect introduction to you and your business.  In addition, they can be very effective in grabbing attention.  They are your pocket salesperson.

Business cards are small sized cards containing general business information. The can include whatever additional information, logo, product shots or whatever else you want.  However, you want your card to be memorable so this relatively tiny card reaps huge rewards.


Brochures should be essential for any business offering a product or service.  They are your silent salesperson.  These foldable paper documents give a history and overview of your company or product(s).  Brochures are highly stylised and should be so they attract attention.  Use engaging photos and language that isn’t too technically difficult to read.  Therefore, this will help your brochure be easily consumed and illustrate your offering as attractive.


Letterhead might not seem like much in the way of marketing.  However, letterhead is vital for business.  It says so much of your business.  You might not even realise it.  This branded mode of communication brings an air of professionalism to your business.  A professionally designed letterhead aligning to your brand design will send the right message.  In addition, your business will be seen as credible and in business for the long-run. Well-designed letterhead will leave a long-lasting impact on clients’ and customers’ minds.  In addition, it will help customers to recall your business in the future.


Flyers are among the most powerful marketing materials you can deploy.  Essentially they are a form of paper advertisement.  They contain significant information relating to an event, product launch or to drive topical awareness.  Flyers are generally one-time useable advertisements handed out to individuals in public spaces.  You are generally coming face to face with potential customers.  Physically handing them a flyer gives the opportunity of customer feedback.

Shelf Wobblers

This may seem out of leftfield, but shelf wobblers are one of the most effective marketing tools.  They are brilliant if your business depends on getting noticed in retail.  They literally hang off the shelf.  In addition, the wobbler grabs attention by hanging off.  They are perfect for calling out any pricing promotions, exclusivity or any other quality worth calling out.  However, with retail shelves looking remarkably uniform, shelf wobblers quite literally jump out.  Therefore, they are extremely effective.

Effective Print Marketing with Kaizen Print

Kaizen Print has been providing print marketing solutions for over ten years.  We have provided effective printing for companies in Belfast, Omagh and across Northern Ireland.  In addition, we have a team of expert designers and printers who would be happy to assist.  Take your print marketing to the next level.  Get in touch by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.