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In today’s world, businesses need to employ the best marketing techniques.  Getting your brand advertised and grabbing customer attention takes some careful consideration.  Online marketing is definitely a great way to increase your business reach.  However, to captivate the majority of customers, you need to utilise traditional marketing materials.  Traditional print remains one of the most trustworthy means to promote your business.  One remarkably effective and mobile means of grabbing attention is roller banner printing.  Roller banners are still in the game because of their versatility and impact.

What Is A Roller Banner?

Roller banners can also be referred to as roll-up banners.  These “rolled up” banners are an absolutely fantastic marketing element.  When you are looking to generate brand awareness for your business, a well-designed roller banner will do the trick.  It can be a struggle to create your own space in a fiercely competitive environment.  However, roller banners are the easiest way to grab the attention of prospective customers.

Where Are Roller Banners Used?

Roller banners can be used in a variety of situations to grab customers’ attention.  Here are some common uses of the roll-up banner.

  • Placement in the reception area of your own office
  • Placement at the office premises of your business partner
  • Exhibition or conference placement to promote your newly launched products
  • Placement where people are queuing and looking for something to grab their attention
  • Placement outside your show
  • Announcing your presence at a trade show or exhibition

This is just a few examples of roller banner placement to publicise your product and brand name.  However, you can get inspired and think of your own unique ideas. Come up with ways to efficiently use them for your business promotion.

Roller banners can be used anytime and anywhere.  Whether it is your office, exhibition, conference, promotional event and meetings, there is no limit to the flexibility of the use of your roller banner.  Therefore, all you need to do is design a good roller banner.  From there you just need to get quality roller banner printing done. Then roll it up so it stands tall and does your branding work!

How to Get the Best from Your Roller Banner?

Looking for some tips to get the most of your roller banner?  We’ve put together some tips to help your roller banner make the biggest impact.

  1. Generally people read top to bottom and left to right. Therefore, make sure you use this information wisely.  Be sure to add important elements into the banner in such a way to instantly grab attention.  For example, put your business logo and company name at eye level.  In addition, contact details should be in front of the readers.  You don’t want these vital details to be obscured and go unnoticed.
  2. Don’t add too much text to your roller banner. Viewers won’t bother reading too much text.  Therefore, stick to one main concise message.
  3. Always use sharp, high-resolution images. In other words, avoid low resolution images for your banners.  They may work fine on your computer screen when designing.  However, they will appear blurred and pixelated on the final printed product.
  4. Make the best choices while selecting colours for your banner. In other words, black, red or dark blue on white or yellow are effective.  However, subtle colours won’t work or look good on your roller banner.  Therefore, they will fail to grab attention quickly.
  5. Everything on your roller banner should be easy to read. Therefore, make sure your message is noticed with clear fonts.  Avoid showy or script-style fonts.  Go for normal, big and bold.

Creating the Ideal Banner for Particular Situations

We have looked at what roller banners are and how to design an effective one to attract attention.  Now let’s look at the ways and places where you can use them creatively to promote your brand and company.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are probably the event roller banners are most commonly used.  In order to stand out, you must have a well-designed and well-printed roller banner.  There are hundreds or thousands of companies looking to get noticed using banners.  If you want to stand out from the crowd, you will need to do something different to ensure your banner is engaging.  A strong roller banner will stand out amongst the fierce competition.

In-Store Promotion

Many businesses use roller banners with in-store promotions.  Roller banners can be popped up at your store’s entrance.  They can greet customers and inform them of your promotion.  The easy to use mechanism makes these banners ideal for offering limited edition and availability offers.


Roller banners play a significant role in the hospitality industry.  They are an effective way to grab attention in bars, hotels and restaurants.  In addition, they showcase new events, promotional offers and limited time discounts.  For events, banner placement at the venue entrance is ideal to raise responsiveness.

Roller Banners at Kaizen Print

A well designed and printed roller banner will seize the attention of anyone that sees it.  At Kaizen Print we offer a wide range of roller banner products to suit every requirement and budget.  We provide the best roller banner design with vibrant colours and top-notch graphics.  Therefore, our roller banner printing will allow you to stand out in the crowd and grab as much attention as possible.

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