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Email, Zoom, WhatsApp, Teams… love them or hate them, these instantaneous communication platforms are essential for the daily functioning of your organisation. Unfortunately, the universal popularity of these platforms has shaped a disengaged and impersonal connotation for communication. Often the sincerity of an email can be lost in the cloud of unorganised inboxes or fail to portray the personalised message intended.

Incidentally, how can you successfully catch the attention of a business or customer, dodging the subscription emails, missed calls and unread messages? Go back to our routes and send a letter.

It can be said that communication has gone full circle. What was once a typical and often overlooked form of communication, is now an attention-grabbing point of contact.

Therefore, it is paramount for your organisation to jump at the chance to stand out, communicating via letter beyond the obligatory invoices and formal letters by acknowledging achievements, holidays and other important measures. This not only promotes personalised engagement but provides a vital opportunity to showcase brand identity through the use of LETTERHEADS.



In order to modernise the traditional method of sending a letter, letterheads are an essential tool for businesses. First impressions are key and the presence of a letterhead portrays professionalism, increases credibility and brand awareness.

A brilliant letterhead will contain the relevant information to have straightforward and direct contact for your company. Trust is a paramount feature for an organisation and the presence of a letterhead will promote this, showcasing company reliability and capability. The goal of any organisation is to maintain brand recognition, encompassing their logo, their slogan and the services they offer. Letterheads promote this, targeting clients at every opportunity.

Additionally, we are accustomed to communicating through modern networking platforms, all of which provide a ‘digital letterhead’ in their messaging functions, including company name, logo, bio and contact details. This information not only promotes brand identity, but is a confirmation of trustworthiness. Therefore, when sending a physical letter, this should be no different.


Furthermore, investing in a high-quality letterhead will provide a premium reputation for your organisation, enhancing customer value, confidence and investment. At Kaizen, it is suggested that letterheads are printed using a laser guaranteed paper, ensuring ink does not run when you overprint on an office printer. As previously discussed, the act of sending a letter in the modern day, beyond required invoices, is a rarity. To showcase the quality of your company, it is paramount that letters withhold a premium delivery, incorporating high quality letterhead paper, and overall, an exciting and engaging experience for your client.


Letterheads promote a graphic demonstration of a company, the services they offer and their purpose; therefore, it is important to create a standout design that will effectively introduce and impress.

When designing a letterhead for your company, it is paramount to condense all relevant information into an understandable and eye-catching design. Letterheads perform exceptionally well strategically placed at top of the page, ensuring the company details grab the attention of the reader prior to the information in the letter.

Additionally, the option is there to have a letterhead containing both a header and footer. The benefits of this will not only open the communication with your brand identity but will also finalise the letter, providing a brief synopsis for the reader, prompting their brand recognition once again.

A professional letterhead encompasses:

  • Company Name
  • Company Logo
  • Contact Details
  • Address
  • Email / Website


At Kaizen, we believe letters hold endless possibilities for your organisation. Individuals are curious when they receive letters, therefore why not seize this opportunity to impress and leave an impression on your client.


At Kaizen, personalised letterheads are regarded as a principal feature in a company’s stationary kit, therefore it is paramount that the design exceeds client expectation. Not happy with your current design or need a refresh in time for the new year? The Graphic Design Belfast department at Kaizen can develop a revolutionary letterhead for YOU.

Kaizen takes pride in their reliable, cost effective and prompt services.

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