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There aren’t many places more suited to waterproof posters than here.  Regular posters featured outdoors will be subjected to our indecisive weather and just fall victim to the various elements in no time.  However, marketing messages need to remain to be seen and intact.  As a business, any marketing piece in tatters does not bode well for your branding.  However, all is not lost.  When the heavens open up you can keep your marketing message alive with a waterproof poster.  They offer up many benefits not limited to withstanding the elements.

Waterproof Posters are Long Lasting

Waterproof posters are durable.  Not only will the poster material itself endure, but so will the colouring.  The elements can deliver a heavy wear on your outdoor marketing.  However, waterproof posters can withstand a great deal of wear and tear.  They are protected from water damage.  The colours of your poster will take much longer to run or fade.  Therefore, your message will resonate with your audience for an extended period of time.

Waterproof Posters Stay Intact

Traditional posters can physically last for a long time with care.  However, they do decline and look tired and old, carrying over to your advertising.  Keeping your poster fresh looking will keep your message fresh in the minds of your audience.  Your poster may be the first impression on many potential customers.  You only get the one chance to make that impression.  Make sure you give off the right one. Don’t leave them wondering if your poster is from a previous decade.

Wide Audience Reach

Some businesses may decide to forego the outdoor poster route because of the elements.  Instead, they may decide to go with an indoor postering campaign.  However, that is limiting your potential audience.  Waterproof posters increase that audience reach by opening up potential advertising areas.  In addition, there is less competition from other posters with most businesses electing to keep their postering campaigns indoors.

Draw In Passers By

You can attract customers into your premises by placing waterproof posters directly outside.  They aren’t limited to placement on your windows or door and can lure in passers-by with an exclusive offer or another enticing element.  Carve out a path down the street with a creative campaign that literally draws the public in.

Keep Your Posters Clean

Waterproof posters are not only brilliant for withstanding Mother Nature.  They can also be easily wiped clean from any human-made elements!  Posters that are up in kitchens or cafeterias can be subject to food splashes, spilled drinks or even stray grease.  Waterproof posters can be simply wiped clean.  Therefore, your poster will remain clean and sharp, and so will your messaging.


There are few advertising options that offer the cost-effectiveness of waterproof posters.  Other printing companies go the traditional lamination route to protect them from the elements.  However, at Kaizen Print we offer something completely different.  Our waterproof posters are made from a 300-micron Polypropylene vinyl.  This is the next generation of laminated posters.  In addition, our waterproof posters are cheaper than traditional laminated posters.

Why Waterproof Posters?

Summer is on our doorstep.  Everyone wants to maximise their time outdoors.  So should your advertising.  However, our weather means your posters should be durable and able to withstand the occasional drizzle.  Business doesn’t stop for the weather though.  Raise awareness of your event with no fear!  Entice shoppers off the street with a dazzling poster campaign!  Ensure your branding resonates indoors AND outdoors.  Make your poster campaign waterproof.

Waterproof Posters at Kaizen Print

Kaizen Print is based in Belfast with offices in Omagh, Enniskillen, Strabane, Dublin and Letterkenny.  We have been in the printing business for over ten years.  Kaizen Print has helped countless businesses in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland with high-quality printing solutions.

Our waterproof posters are of the highest quality and can win in the battle against the elements.  Especially if you are using them in A-boards, wind masters or outside flip frames.  They are printable right up to A0 in size.

Standard turnaround time is only two days for all waterproof posters.  However, if you need them a little quicker, we can expedite your order and have them ready for you within a day.

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In addition to high-quality printing we also have a team of expert designers who can help you with your poster design.  Bring your waterproof posters to the next level.  Get in touch with the team at Kaizen Print by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.