Small Format
Digital Printing

Small format printing includes items you use and receive everyday and is the most common type of print engaged in by businesses and organisations all across the country. It’s cheap, quick to produce and with the latest digital printing technology we assure you, the quality is second to none.
At Kaizen Print we print a wonderful array of small format printing including: Business Cards, Leaflets and Flyers, Booklets and Brochures,

Letterheads, Compliment Slips, Presentation Folders, Menus, Posts, Notepads, NCR Books, Shelf Wobblers and Printed Envelopes.
Our small format printed product range is perfect for business or personal use and with our state of the art Xerox digital printers our capability is limited only by your imagination. At Kaizen Print we have a team of expert graphic designers, ready to bring your design to life in print.

Quality, Guaranteed

We have invested heavily in state of the art digital printing equipment to bring you the best value and best quality small format printing around. Choose you products from the list below. Alternatively, if you cannot find the product you require, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team via the online chat function.

Why small format printing remains prevalent in a digital world.

While digital marketing is an extremely effective form of marketing for numerous reasons, it cannot match the tangible connection that can be achieved with print marketing. Whether it is a flyer, a brochure, a poster, or a branded calendar, there is something about printed branding and advertising that feels more personal than advertising online. Being able to feel the pages of flyer, or flick through a booklet, provides an experience that cannot be replicated when reading the same material on a phone or desktop..

In a world where virtually everyone is online and connected in some way, print marketing and advertising offers a refreshing change to sales teams, marketers and customers alike. At Kaizen Print we offer super fast, high quality and low cost digital printing for businesses online.