Gift Voucher: Get ahead of the Game

gift voucher

Gift vouchers are commonly associated with Christmas. Yes, they are a fantastic festive treat but they are special across all seasons.

A gift voucher is the perfect gift and doesn’t have to be relegated to a special occasion. It can be hard to come up with the perfect gift for someone. In addition, the gift voucher is good for your business as a marketing tool. There are some compelling reasons business establishments should take advantage of offering a voucher.

Appeal to new clients

Positive communication about your brand goes a long way. A gift voucher is a great tool to compliment this word-of-mouth marketing. Customers will do some promotion for you if you provide an exemplary meal, product or service.

A gift voucher will encourage patrons who may not have visited your business to give you a try.

Encourage customer loyalty

Loyalty should not be taken for granted, especially in the modern day. The gift voucher is a symbol of that loyal relationship. Developing a long-term loyal customer to your brand or business can only mean repeated business. Your loyal customer is very likely to purchase gift vouchers for others. In addition, they are most likely to be recipient of gift vouchers from others who wouldn’t normally venture into your establishment.

Rewarding customers who refer the business with a gift voucher is a practice some establishments do. Another brilliant initiative rewards loyal customers who are part of a mailing list or in a particular tier of customer segment. Sending out a small voucher to be used with a set of time is guaranteed to make your most loyal customers feel valued. In other words, gift vouchers open many opportunities for your business to incentivise loyalty.

Boost your brand identity

With the right elements your gift voucher will carry the same marketing weight as other promotional materials. Ensure you include you company name, logo, contact info and address. Therefore, you have a piece of marketing that is highly unlikely to be discarded. In addition, it keeps your brand top of mind. It is a constant reminder of your business’ presence.

Encourage additional sales

Most gift vouchers are available in increments. They are unlikely to cover the entire cost of a visit. Most customers will spend in excess of the voucher amount. A customer that may not have patronised your establishment and the gift voucher opens them to new possibilities. Paying a fraction of the bill is better than having to pay it in full. Therefore, a new customer is satisfied and you have brought in more cash and hopefully found a new loyal customer.

Kaizen Print Gift Voucher Options

At Kaizen Print we fully understand the power of a gift voucher to amplify your business. We offer a few gift voucher options that are bound to suit your business. All our gift vouchers are printed on heavyweight 350gsm uncoated card stock. Therefore, they are a convenient and versatile option for your establishment. You can write the value of the voucher onto it directly. In addition, we offer perforation and numbering, giving your vouchers added security against tampering or duplication.

Get ahead of the game with a Kaizen Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers are the best way forward for any business offering a product or service.  They are the perfect marketing tool to generate income.  If you want to boost your revenue, build meaningful customer relationships, increase traffic and grow your business, the gift voucher will do you no wrong.

Kaizen Print has been helping business outsmart their competition for over 13 years.  If you feel your establishment is ready to offer a gift voucher and want to take your business to the next level, get in touch.  Our team of experts would love to help you make this a reality.  Contact us by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.