Stylish Order of Service Booklets

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When hosting a wedding, every single detail is important to craft the perfect day. At Kaizen Weddings, we offer beautifully printed Order of Service Booklets with fast and professional service. Our order of service booklets are printed on a choice of beautiful silk or uncoated stocks as standard.

Printed with a heavy cover as standard, our order of service booklets are premium, yet affordable. When deciding how many pages you would like in your order of service booklet, it is important to seek advice from the professionals.

The benefits of an Order of Service Booklet

Order of service booklets are one of the most important elements of your wedding. Allowing guests to follow along with the event and to join in where appropriate, ensuring they become a part of the service as much possible. Many guests choose to keep these little books alongside your wedding invites as keepsakes from your special day.

Need help with your Wedding Design?

Alongside our amazing wedding stationery design, we also offer an order of service design which ensures we keep consistency right across the entire wedding.

We know what works, what does not and how to make this process as easy as possible. Let us take the pressure off and help you design and print your order of service booklets.

Involve the expert in your wedding stationary

Involving a professional wedding designer in the process will take away the stress and pressures, as well as guaranteeing premium results.

It is clear to see the difference in a well-designed wedding asset and a DIY job. Amateur DIY design often stands out from the crowd, for all the wrong reasons. An order of service booklet designed on Microsoft Word, a table plan manufactured on Paint, invitations crafted through Photoshop – all resourceful measures, yet the lack of creative expertise could lead to stress, pressure and unprofessional results.

It is important however to acknowledge that this is not the case for all DIY wedding organisers. It is becoming more common for those with a creative flair to evolve their skills and step into the world of design. If done correctly, this can be a functional and accessible tool to budget for your wedding. Yet, it is still advised that a professional designer is involved to implement the technical design for your big day.

Ask the Expert

Supplementary to designing your wedding stationary, a graphic designer can provide your organisation with ground-breaking insight into the industry. We are experts in our field, with a creative flair like no other. We hold first-hand insight into the dos and don’ts of wedding stationary.

The technical bit

The most common size for an order of service booklet would be A5. On occasion, a bride will request A4 but this is uncommon and can be quite costly.

Additionally, the most common pagination for an order of service is 8 to 12 pages. In our experience, anything above this would be uncommon but all depends on the service you are having and we are happy to accommodate your wishes.

Professional Order of Service Printing

Let us guide you through this process with our Professional Order of Service Printing service. Our specialist wedding team are always on hand to give you the advice you need on options available and to ensure you are getting not only what you want but what is best for your needs as well.

We understand that time is of the essence and assure you that we will do whatever it takes to ensure your booklets are printed on time and to the highest quality possible.

The quickest and easiest way to supply your content for any of our order of service booklets is to send us a word document with final content saved as a PDF. This way we can review the styling and match this or interpret in the best format for printing.

Wedding Order of Service Booklets

We will always give a realistic lead time for all design and print we complete. One thing is for sure, we will never over promise and under deliver on our Wedding Order of Service Booklets.

Why use Kaizen Weddings for your wedding stationary?

At Kaizen Weddings we are proud of our team and the service that we offer. We deliver top notch customer service, along with premium products and design of your wedding stationery.

We value our clients and their happiness, and we want to make sure they have the dream wedding, with no added stress, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands when you come to us.

Each piece of Wedding Stationery that we produce are hand finished to an industry leading standard. Additionally, we have a fantastic relationship with local couriers and this ensures your items will arrive with you safe and secure and when you expect it to.

Our team are always on hand to take any questions and answer any queries that you may have. They have an unmatched passion for the work that they do, so you can be sure that all your wedding stationery will be some of the best quality and best looking around.