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How to Design a Leaflet That Stands Out?

Leaflet printing Belfast

Leaflets are an affordable and effective advertising and marketing tool. They are simply a small printed sheet or printed paper that contain some significant information or promotional message clearly and concisely.  Sometimes, Leaflets and Brochures are considered the same. However, it is not so. Yes, they look quite similar, but are absolutely different from each […]

Outdoor Social Distancing Material for your Business

outdoor social distancing - Bollard Covers

While you may have considered your social distancing material for inside your business, it can sometimes be easy to bypass the outdoor social distancing material. With more restrictions coming into place, businesses are becoming more and more restricted with how many, if any people can visit their premises. However, sometimes, in the case of essential […]

Top Considerations For Choosing A Printing Company

Business card | Kaizen Print

Despite the dominance of digital media in the global market, the printing industry has its own importance and values that cannot be devalued and eliminated by the effect of digital media. Undoubtedly, digital media has grabbed the attention of individuals, businesses, and firms and dominated the market over the last few years, but it could […]

Benefits of using Roller Banners

Roller Banners - Kaizen print Display Product Options

Successful businesses are those that make an active effort to stand out. Presence is everything and they know exactly how to expose their brand convincingly, as well as effectively. Over the years, many businesses have made use of roller banners as one of their key marketing/promotional tools. What are roller banners? Roller banners provide a portable display […]