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Posters are a fantastic vehicle to advertise your product, service or event.  However, the conventional poster does have its limitations.  The main one would be the inability to use them more than once.  However what if you could put your poster in a bag and not have to worry about it ripping, crumpling or becoming worn?  There is an answer to not having to worry about storing your poster and reusing again.  It is called the fabric poster.  Fabric poster printing is fabulous for travelling and reusing again.  In addition, you won’t lose the lustre from first time usage.  There is also no need to worry about unsightly tears or wrinkles.

Due to the fabric material, you can easily store these posters.  In addition, they will retain their original shape and quality.  Therefore, this is great news for so many reasons.  However, this is particularly special if you intend to use them more than once or even travel with them.

Who Can Benefit From Fabric Poster Printing?

There are so many instances where fabric poster printing is beneficial.  Here are some scenarios where fabric posters are ideal.

Fabric Poster Printing is Great for Events

Anyone who attends events regularly knows that replacing marketing materials can be expensive.  However, not having promotional or presentation materials is not an option.  In other words, you need sharp messaging and materials at the ready in order to successfully get your message out.  Printed materials such as posters get ripped or torn pretty easily.  In addition, attempts to re-use them are hampered by unsightly wrinkles and a worn out look.  Fabric posters offer a solution to this problem.  They are both durable and flexible.  Therefore, they will not suffer the same fate of a reused regular poster.

Ideal for Teachers & Academics

Some people require a means of presenting particular information in a visual way regularly.  It helps to have a poster to display all of the relevant information for you.  Teachers and academics are prime examples.  Posters made from fabric allow them the opportunity to take these posters wherever they need to present.  Fabric poster printing retains the same high-quality print and finish as when they were first printed.

Shops, Restaurants & Bars Are Prime

Fabric poster printing is a great alternative to paper posters.  They are particularly great for these in public-facing establishments like shops, restaurants and bars.  Creating a good impression is essential to making repeat customers.  Tattered and worn posters do not create the right impression.  Paper posters are a great way to advertise.  However, they simply don’t last.  Therefore, these establishments should take advantage of fabric poster printing.  Rest assured that your fabric poster will retain its high-quality finish.  In addition, it will last a long time too.  And they can be used again next year!

Fabric Poster Printing For Anyone Looking For a Lasting Poster

There are numerous uses for fabric posters.  They are great for all kinds of reasons.  Above all, they are brilliant because they will last.  They are perfect if you need something sturdy to take with you to events.  Fabric is great if you travel a lot and present at educational forums or conferences.  Maybe you want to spruce up your store.  In addition, you could decorate your house with something stylish and a little different.  In other words, fabric posters are a fantastic option for all kinds of reasons.

Fabric Poster Printing at Kaizen Print

At Kaizen Print, our fabric posters provide the ability to bend, fold and roll your poster when required.  They will still retain their high-quality finish when used every time!  We searched worldwide for the perfect fabric to print posters on.  In the end, we settled on a heavyweight canvas fabric.  This material provides accurate printing and colour replication.  Therefore, this is a great material for content-heavy posters.  However, due to the nature of this product, the print is available only on the front side of the fabric.

Caring For Your Fabric Poster

To ensure the longevity of your fabric poster, keep in mind these helpful hints:

  • Fold your poster as loosely as possible. In addition, avoid placing heavy weights on the folded edges.
  • Don’t fold up or rub the printed image if it gets wet. Wait until the poster is fully dry again.
  • When ironing, iron on the reverse and use a protective ironing cloth. Avoid using steam assistance.
  • Avoid folds or creases in areas of heavy print coverage. Creases will be hardest to remove here.

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Kaizen Print has been making fabric posters for over ten years.  We are a Belfast-based printer who specialises in high-quality poster printing.  In addition, we have offices in Omagh, Enniskillen, Dublin and Letterkenny.  We will be happy to assist with your printing needs.  In addition, we have a team of expert designers who can help with your fabric poster design.  Get in touch by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.