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With the warmer weather, we start to see more and more people walking the streets.  They are heading out to beer gardens, festivals or a park.  In addition, the proliferation of outdoor events ramps up.  For community groups, charities and even businesses, now is the time to get your organisation’s name into the hands and minds of attendants of these outdoor events.  Make your upcoming outdoor events something to remember.  Ensure patrons take notice with the perfect branding and advertising products.

Outdoor Event Marketing

Outdoor events are a big part of the summer season.  They can be in the form of a music, food or cultural festival.  They are a prime occasion to drive awareness of your existence if you are a community group or charity.  The main element is to let the attendees of these events know who you are.  They might want to join your group or get more information on what your organisation entails.  Here are some ways to go about getting noticed.

PVC Banners

PVC Banners are the perfect accessory for your group to get behind if you are setting up at one of these events.  They announce who you are and can call out some relevant contact information.

A prominent logo is a good start and will help to reinforce brand awareness.  If the organisation’s name isn’t prominent in the logo, you can include the name on its own right across the top of the banner.  Have the font align with your brand guidelines.  You may want to include an address, phone number or social media logo to give attendants an idea of how to get in touch.

In addition, you may want to include a QR code to make it easy for people to contact you.  This is especially beneficial if your table is inundated with crowds.  Therefore, you can give people quick and easy access to your web presence.


A cost-effective way of increasing brand awareness at any outdoor event is by distributing stickers.  Stickers are portable and have the potential to be extremely eye-catching and coveted.  Any organisation looking to increase their profile is going to want to ensure their stickers catch as many eyes as possible.  Vibrant colours help in ensuring attendants retain your stickers.  If your logo doesn’t include vibrant colours it is best to inject some into it.

In this instance a QR code is recommended for your design.  Hand out stickers to as many event attendees as possible.  Recipients can scan and be driven to your web presence in a matter of seconds.  Here you really don’t have to include any other information.  You don’t even have to include the name of your organisation!  However many will want to, but it might pique curiosity if it’s just a word, short phrase or a strong call to action.

Stickers can last a long time and keep your branding alive long after your event is over.  Stickers can be branded to coincide with an event.  However, they also can be more generic so they can be given out long after the event and still be relevant.

Feather Flags

Feather flags are perfect to draw attention to your brand.  A feather flag is brilliant for letting patrons know you are there.  Keep your design simple but vibrant to attract attention.  Your brand name and/or a few simple words are all you need.  Your more engrossing materials will be with your below but you want to attract as much curiosity as possible.


Outdoor events are busy places.  This is the perfect opportunity to shine a light on an upcoming meeting or event.  Flyers are the right vehicle to drive this awareness.  Handing out flyers directly into the hands of potential patrons is extremely effective marketing.  To keep your message in those hands you need to ensure your flyer is well designed.  A strong call to action will inspire people to hang on to your flyer.  Keep the messaging concise.  However, include contact information for those who want to investigate further.  Stick to relevant and enticing details.


A poster campaign around a fair or festival is an effective way to reinforce your branding or event.  These spaces may see your postering potential limited.  However, the opportunity to create a spectacular poster that resonates with an audience here is great.

Posters come in all sorts of sizes, can be laminated and are also available as waterproof.  You can advertise an event, your brand or even a product.  Make sure your poster message is relevant to the event’s audience.  Keep messaging succinct and ensure your colours pop.  Have an image that is memorable.  Otherwise your poster fades into background noise.  Above all, make sure your poster is top quality.  This will prolong the life of your message.

Outdoor Event Products at Kaizen Print

Kaizen Print has been providing outdoor event marketing solutions for over ten years.  We have provided products for countless events in Belfast and right across Northern Ireland.  We have a team of expert designers and printers that will ensure your next outdoor event is a success.  Raise your profile and take your outdoor event marketing materials to the next level.  Get in touch by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.