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Custom printed deskpads are the perfect solution for getting your brand on your customers’ desks for the longer term.  Deskpad printing ensures you get maximum exposure.  They are great for giving to your customers as gifts.  In addition, you can distribute deskpads to your staff to take notes, write down orders or just to stay organised.  Deskpads are highly visible and very useful for a wide range of businesses.  Head into any office building and look around.  You’re sure to see more than a few deskpads adorning desks.  In addition, any factory, shop or other service will be adorned with deskpads.  They are sure to be covered in notes, diagrams and ideas.  Therefore, deskpad printing is a vital means to raise brand awareness.  They are the perfect tool for branding.  In addition, they occupy prime advertising space within your recipient’s business.

Ways Deskpad Printing Raises Brand Awareness

There is little doubt that deskpads are useful every day.  They are brilliant for writing notes, drawing sketches, jotting down new creative ideas and even mind-mapping.  Gifting a business-branded deskpad is perfect to insert your business into your recipients’ day to day working lives.  Let’s look at some of the ways deskpad printing can help with your brand awareness.

Deskpads are Within Reach

Deskpads are almost always within arms’ reach.  In addition, the great thing about deskpads is that they are useful.  There’s nothing like a plain piece of paper when it comes to jotting down your daily notes or ideas.  It doesn’t matter how many apps there are for making notes.  For making to-do lists or just simple doodling, nothing compares to the deskpad.

The proximity of deskpads being within arms’ reach makes them useful.  Therefore, they always will be useful for this reason.  This usefulness is the main reason deskpads are so great when it comes to brand awareness.

Does your final product have a purpose?  This is something to consider when coming up with your branded merchandise.  In other words, your branded merchandise needs to be useful in order to last.  Otherwise, it is glanced at and tossed in the bin.  So you’ve come up with a beautiful piece of branded merchandise?  If it doesn’t provide a solution to your recipient’s problems, it won’t get used.  Useful merchandise will remain a permanent fixture for your recipient.  In addition, it is more likely to be noticed by others too.

Deskpads Act as a Daily Reminder

Deskpads act as a daily reminder of your brand.  It is the great thing about giving away branded deskpads.  Some businesses will spend thousands to raise brand awareness online or through targeted campaigns.  However, there aren’t many ways you can occupy the same advertising real estate as a deskpad.  They occupy a prime spot on the desks of your target audience.  In addition, it is there on a daily basis.  Therefore, this is a feat not replicated by many other forms of advertising.

Deskpad Printing is Easily Branded

The deskpad is quite literally a blank canvas for your brand.  Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to show off your brand or your logo.  There is opportunity to benefit from extra creative possibilities.  Therefore, experiment with colours and finishes.  In addition, there is the opportunity to write a specific message tailored to your recipients.

Deskpads are Great for Creative Types

Deskpads are perfect for sketches and drawings.  They work for graphic designers, architects or artists alike.  Larger deskpads are ideal for more expansive sketches.  Therefore, you are enabled a little more freedom to get creative or explore an idea.  Therefore, if your business caters to the creative professions, the deskpad is a fantastic option to choose as your branded merchandise.

Deskpads Are Ideal for Sharing Ideas

Deskpads are a great means of sharing ideas or mind-mapping.  The extra space provided by deskpads makes this so.  You can involve other members of your team with shared ideas in meetings.  In addition, your brand is being shared.  Therefore, the more your deskpad is shared, the more likely your brand is to get noticed and build interest among a wider group of people.

Deskpad Printing at Kaizen Print

At Kaizen Print, our deskpad printing has different uses in many businesses.  They can be distributed to customers for promotional use.  In addition, accountancy practices utilise them as sales fact finding sheets or analysis pads.  However, they can just be used to take notes or to scribble whatever you want.

Kaizen Print’s deskpads are available in both A3 and A2 sizes.  Our A3 deskpads are perfect for staying on desks ready for when ideas are flowing.  Our big A2 deskpads are brilliant when you need just a little more space.  Both are printed on 120gsm paper stock, before being finished with a hardback.

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