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Table Tent Card Printing Kaizen Print

Doing some extra advertising and marketing within our own premises can be difficult.  This is especially true if you are a restaurant, pub or nightclub.  Ambiance is one of the more endearing factors for your customers in deciding to patronise your business.  You don’t want your décor or furnishings to be overshadowed with loud advertisements.  Chances are your customers are there to relax and enjoy their evening.  All day we are bombarded by advertising on all fronts.  Some of it is large and loud.  Actually a lot of advertising falls under that category! Here’s where the table tent card comes to the rescue.

Does limited spacing mean there is no hope of making an extra sale or drawing in extra bodies to your upcoming event?  Fear not proprietors – a little miracle is on your side.  The Table Tent Card will allow you to subtly get your message out.  Their prime location means they have massive impact.  So let’s meet the table tent card and see how it can work for your business.

As a business you want to ensure you make the most of your table or counter space.  While tables are for your guests’ dishes and/or drinks, there’s no reason not to use this space to its full potential.  You can increase awareness of key items, events or promotional offers without having to go big on your walls.

Table tent cards allow your customers to see your amazing offers or upcoming event as soon as they sit at their table.  They are one of the best and ultimately cost-effective print products working in the hospitality industry.  In addition to looking great, they will show off your offers in all their glory.

Reasons for Table Tent Cards

As a restaurant you really are limited to your advertising within your premises.  However, if you are looking to drive more sales in your restaurant or pub, the humble table tent will do the trick.

You may be wondering what is a table tent?  You wouldn’t be alone as the name is not common.  However, you will definitely recognise their popular shape.  The next time you are at a drinking or dining establishment you may even notice the little table-top billboards adorning each table and on counter spaces.  Here are some ways you can use table tents to your advantage and drive sales in your restaurant or pub.

  1. Engage a Captive & Waiting Audience

Table tent cards are impossible to ignore.  Especially eye-catching ones!  With the right design, they can become a conversation piece.  They can be irresistible for those idly waiting for service or the meal.  Therefore, ensure to make them relevant enough to captivate your guests and add some value to their experience.

  1. Table Tent Cards Can Promote Daily Specials

Offering specials is a top strategy to keep your menu fresh and exciting for our customers.  Therefore, if you have key high-profit dishes or a one-day special you want to sell a lot of, the table tent card will work for you.

  1. Table Tent Cards Can Upsell Your Cocktails and Desserts

Upsells will typically generate a significant percentage of bar and restaurant revenue.  Therefore, consider using a table tent card as an additional mini-menu to promote dessert or after-dinner cocktails.  However they may try to resist, an attractive table tent might have customers second guessing this resistance.

  1. Table Tent Cards Improve Brand Awareness

Menus are best focused on helping people find what they want quickly.  However, table tent cards allow you an extended opportunity to connect with your customers.  In addition, you can use your table tent to share some insight into your brand’s story, show of favourable reviews or introduce your team!

  1. Include QR Codes to Improve Brand Loyalty

QR codes are the latest big trend in print marketing.  They offer a whole new way for businesses to engage with their customers.  By scanning the QR code custom printed on your table tent your customer can use their phone to interact with you.  Therefore, this is a brilliant way to invite customers to enter a competition, leave feedback or follow your social media presence.

Table Tent Cards at Kaizen Print

Table tent cards also make perfect counter or bar-top signage that customers cannot miss.  Their small size and simple format makes them incredible affordable and customisable.  Therefore, they can deliver a consistent, branded look.

At Kaizen Print, our Table Tent cards are printed single or double sided on 300gsm silk.  In addition, they are finished with a glue strip to allow for easy assembly.  If you want to take your table tent card to the next level, we recommend a double-sided print option.  It provides nothing more than creativity.  However, adding a design or colour on the inside really makes your table tent stand out.

Kaizen Pint has been in the printing business for over ten years.  We are a printer based in Belfast with offices in Omagh, Enniskillen, Dublin and Letterkenny.  We have been helping businesses in Belfast and all across Northern Ireland with their marketing materials.  In addition, we have a team of expert designers who can assist in your table tent design.  Take your marketing to the next level.  Get in touch by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.