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Posters may be one of the oldest forms of advertising still in existence.  However, large poster printing remains one of the most popular means to increase branding.  While the world continues to transition more to a digital means of communication, traditional print is not dead.  Traditional print materials are still trusted more than their digital counterparts.  In addition, the high visibility that posters can provide makes them one of the most effective marketing methods to use.  Big posters can be beautiful.  They can allow you to make a huge impression on a small budget.

What Sizes for Large Poster Printing

You only need to walk down the street to see the power of a large poster.  Poster adverts are literally everywhere in the public realm.  They can be found indoors and outdoors.  They can advertise a clothing brand’s new sale.  Or you will see Netflix showcasing a new film or series.  Large posters are one of the most effective ways of reaching new and existing customers.

While posters can be printed at almost any size, the most common are the A-standard sizes.  Here are the three key sizes for large poster printing;

  • A0 – 1189mm x 841mm
  • A1 – 841mm x 594mm
  • A2 – 594mm x 420mm

However, for any size you select for your poster printing, ensure you add a 3mm bleed all around.  Therefore, this will ensure the vibrancy of your poster.

Benefits of Large Poster Printing

There are numerous benefits of large poster printing.  Let’s clarify a few reasons why poster advertising remains such an effective and widely-used medium

Large Poster Printing Design

In essence, posters are a blank canvas.  Therefore, they are ideal for brands and businesses looking to show their creative side.  Therefore, posters provide a design freedom like no other means.  How creative you decide to get ultimately lies in the type of business you run or the poster’s purpose.  If you fancy using bright, attention-grabbing colours, by all means go for it.  If your brand guidelines allow you to inject some humour into the creative, go for it.  However, there is one thing you should keep in mind to avoid.  Refrain from filling your poster with text.  Chances are your poster will be avoided if it looks like a book that needs to be read.


Posters can be utilised anywhere and everywhere.  You can place them inside or outside.  Basically posters can appear anywhere there is a surface to be affixed to.  You will often find large posters in shops, windows, billboards, hoardings and walls.  In other words, any place they are likely to be seen.  In addition, bars and restaurants often use posters in toilets or bathrooms.  These are prime locations to advertise particular events, quiz nights, happy hour deals or live music nights.  In other words, wherever you come across people, you are likely to find a poster or few.


Seeing as posters are located wherever people are, they are incredibly visible.  It doesn’t matter the time, your poster will always be working.  A business worker walking past poster printing at 6am will notice an effective design.  Likewise for a dog-walker in the midday.  In other words, your poster is always available and able to reach a wide range of people.  In addition, time does not matter.  Therefore, a huge number of people will be able to see and interact with your poster campaign.  Therefore, there is a great chance for these people to respond and lead to several potential conversions.

In addition, posters can, and should, feature a call to action.  An email address, website or social handles will encourage customer to engage.  This will work to influence potential customers’ online and buying behaviour.


The longevity of a poster really depends on the quality of the material it is printed on.  Most good indoor posters are printed on strong, heavy matt or gloss laminated paper.

However, outdoor posters or waterproof posters are printed on durable water-resistant paper that adheres to the material without cracking or tearing.  You will notice this the next time you walk past a large outdoor poster


Having a number of stunning large posters produced can cost a lot less than you might think.  Poster advertising can be much more cost-effective method to use.  This is especially true compared to a large interactive billboard or another form of digital advert.  In addition, your large poster could also potentially reach a lot more people.  Therefore, they can offer a better return on investment.  In addition, poster advertising is considered a more trusted form of advertising to consumers over digital or online advertisements.

Large Posters at Kaizen Print

At Kaizen Print, our large posters are printed in-house.  We offer a fantastic 160gsm matt coated paper for our large poster printing.  This gives the best colour replication and consistent print quality.  In addition, it ensures there is no reflection or glare from the printed surface.  Therefore, these posters are perfect for shop windows.

In addition, our large posters are always printed using UV inks which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  UV inks don’t fade in direct sunlight.

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Kaizen Print is a Belfast-based printer who has been printing large posters for over 10 years.  We have printed posters for businesses in Belfast, Omagh, Enniskillen and all across Northern Ireland.  In addition, we have a team of expert graphic designers who can assist with your poster design if you need.  Get in touch by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.