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Printing services for the hospitality sector are essential components.  They advertise the business itself for a start.  In addition, they represent your brand for your guests and potential customers.  Let’s look at the main types of hospitality print marketing and their uses.


Almost every restaurant requires hospitality print marketing.  This is to advertise its brand and give the restaurant a distinct ambiance and feel.  Here are some of the major restaurant printing services that assist in creating a distinct brand for your restaurant.


When you think of printed materials for restaurants, the first and foremost thought is the menu.  Every restaurant needs them.  However, a menu shouldn’t be cobbled together hastily.  Menus need to be designed carefully.  The type of paper that you use and fonts utilised are some considerations.  In addition, the layout and flow of the menu is also important.

In addition to the main menu, you may want to create takeout menus for customers to take home and table tents at each table.  Table tent cards are brilliant for showcasing new or seasonal dishes, promote any discounts or deals you have on.  However, ensure all your printing services are aligned to assist in creating a cohesive brand.

Established restaurants will want to make some regular changes in an effort to continuously improve.  In addition, you can add or take away menu items or update your design to something more representative.

Business Cards

Restaurant business cards do more work than you may think.  They are a simple tool to advertise your business.  In addition, they provide a number to make a reservation and the restaurant’s location all making it easier for customers to access your premises.

However, you can add an extra dimension to your business card.  They can double up as a loyalty card or as a coupon.  The front of your card can have your contact information.  The back can be stamped to encourage repeat visits or feature a discount code and distribute the cards locally.


Hotels need printed materials for a number of reasons.  These materials strive to ensure your guests enjoy their hotel say and remember it long after.

Business Cards

For most hotels, hospitality business cards are placed at the front desk.  They are an excellent form of hospitality marketing.  Guests can take them at their leisure, therefore leaving a subtle and positive impression on them.

Your hotel may want to consider adding a QR Code to help boost your web presence.  However, it is vitally important to create attractive cards that will attract people to pick them up.  Some necessary design decisions include choosing between glossy and matte business cards, fonts and overall layout.

Hotel Stationery

Hotel stationery includes notepads, pens, printed envelopes and paper printed with letterhead.  While its prevalence has diminished, hotel stationery is still common in many hotels.

Hotel stationery is a great marketing tool.  It creates a level of exposure for your hotel’s brand.  Anytime customers utilise your stationery you’re advertising is working.  In addition, it adds a level of high-end professionalism.  It also leaves a better impression of your business with hotel guests.

Hotel Comment Cards

In an aim to continuously improve, hotel comment cards are a gateway to guest concerns or complaints.  Find out what you are doing right and more importantly any challenges that can be improved.  These offer a level of inspiration even in disappointed guests – if they feel the hotel is taking their concerns seriously.  In addition, guests who filled their comment cards with positive feedback are more likely to tell others about their experiences.  Therefore, hotel comment cards are strategic marketing tools for your establishment.


Most hotels with room-service will need a menu for each room.  If you have a restaurant in the hotel, you may consider placing a take-out menu in the rooms and reception areas to raise awareness.

In the end, your overall menu design should be carefully considered.  You should ensure you choose the right paper, font and the overall layout of the menus.

Local Guides

Show some love for your community by providing hotel guests with printed guest guides.  These guides can highlight local attractions, restaurants or events in the area.  These guides are great for helping guests engage with the local area.  In addition, it showcases everything exciting around your hotel.  This has the potential to entice guests to return and may experience more of the excitement.

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