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Flyers and Leaflet Printing, although often over-looked, grab attention in such a way that they leave a long-lasting impression on your customers. Whether you want to promote your new restaurant, store opening, or a regular event, flyer printing is one of the best ways to reach a large array of customers and quickly engage them in marketing

At Kaizen Print, the leaflet and flyer printing comes with a variety options, allowing you to pick the one most suited for your campaign. If you need assistance with design, we have a team of experienced designers who are ready to provide you with eye-catching flyers and leaflets to effectively promote your business/services/products. .

A7 Leaflets

A7 Leaflets Printing Online

From £15.00

Our smallest flyer that we offer here at Kaizen Print, but certainly no less mighty than the rest of them, being more affordable than larger sizes. if you need to get your message across to a lot of people, then A7 flyers could be the way forward for you.

We have a selection of silk, uncoated or gloss paper stocks available for our A7 Flyers, as well as paperweights ranging from 130gsm to 350gsm, meaning there is sure to be something for whatever you need. 

A6 Leaflets

Cheap A6 Flyer Printing Online

From £17.48

Our A6 leaflets are one of the best ways for you to get your message into view of your customers and printing them is easy-peasy too! Just choose what paper type you want, the weight, your quantity and send us your artwork. As easy as 1, 2, 3. 

It doesn't matter if you only need 200 leaflets for advertisement of a small gig or 20,000 for your brand new product launch, here at Kaizen Print we have your covered. If you are in need of any larger quantities of leaflets, just get in contact with a member of our sales team and they'll be able to sort you out with pricing.

A5 Leaflets

Quality A5 Leaflets Online

From £18.01

Being able to get your message out there effectively is excellent, but when you can do it at a great price this is even better. This makes our A5 flyers perfect. We print them at only the highest quality, so you can be sure you won't be disappointed. 

Our A5 leaflets have been and continue to be one of our most popular products over the years. We print them on 170gsm silk paper stock, ensuring that they have a combination of both quality and affordable price. When you combine this with our excellent turnaround time, it makes them a perfect product for any business. If you are in need of some heavier duty leaflets, then don't fret as we can print them on 350gsm paper stock instead. 

A4 Leaflets

Cheap A4 leaflet Printing Online

From £18.34

Our A4 Flyers have been and continue to be one of our most popular products here at Kaizen Print. These flyers are absolutely perfect for nearly any business use you can think of, from information sheets at events or being used during door to door sales, they will help you get your message across to your customers in the most effective way possible, for an amazing price. 

We only ever print our A4 Flyers to the highest quality, using state of the art printers. They are also available in a different range of paperweights, meaning there is something for everyone.

A3 Leaflets

Cheap A3 leaflet printing Online

From £36.57

Get noticed with our A3 Flyers! Whatever your message might be, you can be sure that it will grab the attention of your customers, but won't require you to spend all of your marketing budgets to do so!

We print our A3 Flyers on either silk, gloss or uncoated paper stock, ranging in weights from 170gsm to 350gsm, meaning there is something for everyone!

1/3 A4 Leaflets

1/3 A4 - DL - Leaflet Printing - Online Printing - Digital Printing

From £15.00

Are you in need of some flyer printing, but want to steer away from conventional flyer types? Then look no further than our 1/3 A4 Flyers! Get your message across in a stylish way, as they are great for Wine Lists and other menus. 

When it comes to printing them, the choice really is up to you as you can have them in either gloss, silk or uncoated paper stock, ensuring no matter what you go for, your 1/2 A4 Flyers look great, all while keeping costs to a minimum. 

We print more leaflets and flyers that any other product. From postcards to night-club flyers, promotional leaflets and any other leaflet you can image, we print them all. Expertly and professionally on our state of the art digital printers.

Leaflet Sizes We print leaflets in all manner of sizes. For the most cost effective options we recommend you stick to standard A-sizes. These are: A7, A6, A5, A4 & A3 within our leaflet printing range.

We work closely with our paper suppliers to bring you the best quality papers across our range of paper types and stocks.

Paper Weights
As standard we offer the following paper weights as standard right across our flyer and leaflet range. These include:

Paper Types
We offer a range of different paper types to suit almost any need. Our most commonly ordered paper is silk, followed by uncoated and then gloss.

Our recommended specification
Want a great looking leaflet that doesn't cost the earth? We recommend the following: A5 Leaflet, Double Sided on 170gsm silk

When designing leaflets it's always mindful to consider your desired outcome. Design your flyer with intent and make sure it can meet the goals you set for its creation. We recommend using a professional graphic designer for your design projects. A good designer will understand type, layout and the considered use of photography and colour. If you do decide to go it alone on your design, we've put together some tips for you to consider.

With all our leaflet and flyer printing we require 3mm bleed on all sides of your leaflet. We also ask for a 3mm safe zone within the boundary of the leaflet design. This ensures none of your critical text is cut off during the finishing process.

With all printing we recommend you set up your artwork at 300dpi. We'll check artwork for any low resolution images for print. However it's always best practice to use 300dpi to ensure high quality printing.

What are leaflets and flyers?
Leaflets and flyers are sheets of printed paper used to communicate messages. They are commonly used for sales and marketing practices in business.

How quick is your turnaround for leaflets and flyers?
Order before 5pm and we can have your leaflets ready for collection or shipping the following working day. As a digital printer in Belfast we offer some of fastest printing within the print trade.

What sizes do you print leaflets and flyers?
We print the following size of leaflet and flyers in both portrait and landscape variations: A7, A6, DL, A5, A4 and A3.

Customer Reviews

What are the Benefits of Choosing Leaflet and Flyer Printing

Flyers and leaflet are the perfect marketing option to promote upcoming events or new business opening. They can be easily used to briefly describe the event and captivate the customers. You can precisely convey your key message through flyers and leaflet printing as well.

Some of the additional benefits of Leaflet and Flyer Printing Include

  • Leaflets have an eye-catching folding design. In addition to being attractive, leaflets also allow you to cover detailed information about the product/service/event.
  • Flyers and leaflets are affordable and that’s why a great return on investment. You can easily print flyers without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Being handy, leaflets and flyers are easy to distribute, especially in locations where your target audience resides.
  • Unlike online advertisements, flyers and leaflets allow you to actually connect with the customers. In fact, printed material is more engaging as compared to online ads.
  • Despite having a smaller size, flyers and leaflets are more attractive as you can customize them by choosing the best design and style as per your marketing objectives.

Kaizen Print - A Leading Digital Printing Company for Flyer and Leaflet Printing in Belfast

At Kaizen Print, we keep the print quality as our top priority. With state-of-art printing equipment and a wide variety of options to choose from, we are your one-stop solution for flyer and leaflet printing.
Whether you want to promote an upcoming product or circulate information about private classes you offer, we’ll ensure to convey your message loud and clear through the best in class flyers and leaflets.

Our products come in a variety of sizes so that you can pick the one that best meets your business and marketing plans.


Leaflets and flyers can come in all
shapes and sizes. For the best value
we recommend however using A Sizes:

File Types

To make ordering your print as stress
free as possible we accept four
different file types:


To get the very best results for your
print, we recommend supplying your
file as a PDF in a CMYK colour space.

  • C
  • M
  • Y
  • K


Complete the look with your choice of finish:

  • Rounded corners

    Select rounded corners to give your cards a
    stylish, sleek edge that puts them a cut above
    the rest.

  • Lamination

    Get a tactile finish and better durability
    by adding matt, gloss or velvet lamination
    to your print.

Artwork Templates

Click to download our Leaflets and Flyers templates