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The shelves in today’s retail environment are crowded.  A business has to consider all the options in order to stand out.  Packaging design is one way to get your product to stand out.  However, supermarkets have at times hundreds of similar products.  Even with great packaging design it’s still much harder to stand out.  This is where the shelf wobbler comes in.  Shelf wobblers are an excellent point of purchase marketing tool.  In addition, they are extremely effective in boosting sales.

What Are Shelf Wobblers?

Shelf wobblers are also known as shelf talkers or product talkers.  They are printed tags designed mainly to grab the attention toward your product.  They can contain important information about the product.  This could include the product’s benefits, pricing, discounts or special offers.  This is done in a way to give a brief overview to potential customers.  Shelf wobblers are kept or hung near the products on the shelf.  Therefore, customers can easily find out what the wobbler is referring to.

The shelf wobbler’s placement on the shelf sees them literally waving at passers-by.  Therefore, the wobbler gives your product an instant edge over the competition.  Your shelf wobbler should give consumers a miniature sales pitch on the spot.  Therefore, to keep the wobbler effective in messaging and conversion, keep the message concise and brief.  In other words, use these hanging marketers for special offers, advertising competitions or clearance items.  Shelf wobblers are proven to be the most effective in crowded product categories.  These include packaged food, beauty products, electronics, sweets and cold beverages.

Shelf wobblers are primarily found in supermarkets, grocery stores and expensive outlets.  They are used to attract customers and help them in making a buying decision.  Studies have shown a large percentage enter a shop with little idea of what they will be purchasing.

The Benefits of a Shelf Wobbler

Digital tools are dominant.  However, the shelf wobbler is the best marketing tool for inland stores.  There are many features and benefits that make the shelf wobbler stand out from other marketing tools.

Countless useful factors and benefits make the shelf wobbler the best choice for retail marketing.  They are bright, colourful and eye catching.  Therefore, they attract customers and engage them with the benefits of a product.  They are touchable tags.  Therefore, this touchability increases their credibility among customers.

Attractive & Effective

The unique designs, bright colours and organised visual presentations are key to attracting customers.  The shelf wobbler contains all of these elements.  Therefore, not only are they are attractive but they effective promote products.  In effect, they talk to customers.  Therefore, they can effectively explain to them the benefits of a product.  In addition, the wobbler spells out the advantages to customers.  An attractive shelf wobbler builds interest in customers.  They engage them with a marketing message.  In addition, they help customers to make a decision related to buying a product.

Easy To Use

Shelf wobblers are remarkably easy to use marketing tools.  This is due to their small size, unique design and easy portability.  The adhesive and hangable features of these tools allow staff to easily place them near specific products.  In addition, they can be removed just as easily when needed.  They can also be easily interchanged when required.

Super Durable

Generally, people consider printed marketing materials as one-time use or as disposable.  However, this is not so for the shelf wobbler.  They are super durable products that can be used for a long period.  This is especially so when it is designed on PVC material.  They will remain intact in their original appearance for more than a year.

Cost Effective Tool

Unlike digital marketing tools, shelf wobblers are cost-effective products.  They are incredibly affordable, no matter the number of talkers you require.  Obviously prices will vary depending on their size, design and material.  In addition, quality affects pricing.  However, buying in bulk will get you a certain discount or offer per piece, increasing their cost effectiveness.

Many Design Options

You have many design options available when considering your shelf talker.  When thinking of size, design, material or features you can choose a relevant option for your product.  In addition, you can opt for a custom design.  In other words, if you already have a design or colour in mind that is not traditional, you are in luck.

Shelf Wobblers at Kaizen Print

It has been reported that 80% of purchasing decisions are made on impulse.  Therefore, it is vital to ensure your brand is prominently placed to capitalise on this reality.  At Kaizen Print we offer a range of promotional shelf wobblers, or even shelf strips if you don’t want to hang out.

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Kaizen Print is a Belfast-based printer that has been in the business for over ten years.  We have worked with businesses in all market sectors.  Therefore, we understand how to make your brand strand out.  In addition, we have a team of expert designers who can assist you with your shelf wobbler design if you should need.  Contact us by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.