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For a business the question of using traditional print marketing is a valid one.  We live in a digital age.  This digital age is becoming increasingly digital with every passing day.  However, there are many benefits to using traditional print.  The main benefit is that it is a more trusted form of advertising.  However, there definitely are benefits to using digital advertising.  One of the biggest benefits would be the ability to track your efforts.  Now imagine a world where you can combine traditional trustworthiness with digital’s metrics.  Well you don’t have to imagine it.  It is possible to have print marketing tracking.  This is beneficial for so many reasons.  Let’s explore further.

Why Use Print Marketing Tracking

It doesn’t matter if your campaign is digital or in print.  Your marketing campaign is only as successful as the metrics generated from your strategy.  The main reason digital marketing has become so effective is due to the large volume of tracking points that can be collected.  However, many marketing teams believe that tracking can only be done with the digital campaigns.  This simply is not true.  You have the ability to track your print campaign as well.  However, print campaign tracking has to be used correctly.  It is even more important for your print marketing campaigns.

Print marketing tracking is beneficial for your business.  Metrics generated can help you determine if your marketing efforts are working.  Are the efforts resulting in leads and generating profits?  In addition, you can find out what specific parts of your marketing are responsible for those leads.

Print Marketing Tracking Methods

There are some ways to effectively track your print marketing campaign.  Let’s look at some of the immediate methods available.

Custom Landing Pages

Setting up a custom landing page for a print campaign is very effective.  The page can provide you with a specific source to direct all your print marketing leads to.  Therefore, you can then track who is seeing and interacting with your print campaign.  For example, you could initiate a flyer campaign with a promotional offer.  You could include a specific web address for customers to take advantage of this offer.  You can use Google Analytics or another web analysing tool and see the numbers who have visited your page.  Therefore, you can see and prove how effective your flyer campaign has been.

In addition, your custom landing page could focus on a specific product or service you are advertising in the flyer.  You know that users going to your custom site are there because of the flyer.  In addition, they are there because they are interested in this product or service.  In other words, you have created a focused advert incorporating both print and online marketing techniques.

However, make sure you keep a log of all your print marketing campaigns.  Log all the landing pages you create.  You want to ensure your tracking is lined up correctly so you can have effective reporting.

Use Specific Discount Codes

One of the most common methods used to track print marketing campaigns is the number and letter promo code.  You can create a code unique to the vehicle of your advertisement.  The call to action for customers is to visit your website and input the code for a discount.  For example, under one campaign, you utilise flyers, stickers and business cards.  Each one gets their own unique promo code.  Therefore, you can track how many people have used each code.  This will allow you to measure the effectiveness of each method.  Therefore, you will get a good idea of how much return you are getting from each.  This will inform your future campaigns and marketing spend.

Google Analytics

You may not know this but you can use Google Analytics to track your print campaign.  It is not an exact science.  However, you can compare your website traffic before and after a print campaign is executed.  A significant increase in traffic could mean your campaign has been successful.  However, there may be other factors to consider so take this method with a grain of salt.

Talk to Your Customers

One strategy to teach your print campaign is the most obvious one.  However, this strategy is often overlooked.  The simple method of talking to your customer remains an effective assessment of your campaigns.  You can simply reach out to your customers and ask how they learned about your company.  Ask them what made them seek you out.  Talking to customers will give you valuable information about which components of your campaigns are appealing.

Utilise QR Codes

QR Codes are a brilliant way to track the effectiveness of your campaign.  You can create different QR codes for each method.  Customer can scan these codes and be taken to whatever digital presence you wish.

Measuring the effectiveness of you campaigns is invaluable.  It can save your organisation money in the long run.  By determining the methods of what offers the better return on investment can help focus your efforts, time and spend in the future.

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