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Corporate Brochures – Are they Still Relevant?

brochure printing | Kaizen print Ireland

For businesses working the trade rather than directly to the consumer, there are a few differences in approach. Businesses advertising their services to other businesses tend to assume a certain level of understanding in regards to the area in which they are working.  For instance, a supplier of chefs equipment might go into more detail […]

Compliment Slips & The Benefits of Using Them

Compliment slip Print marketing | Kaizen Print, Belfast

There are a number of reasons why you might want to invest in compliment slips. In business, we are consistently communicating with clients and customers. Compliments slips offer a personal touch to your service and provide a practical solution for any informal communication. They are particularly useful for example in situations where you wish to […]

Personalising Your Business with Labels and Stickers

Label & Sticker Printing | Kaizen Print

Stickers are a fantastically simple yet effective means of advertising and branding. Stickers have a number of different benefits and a number of different applications. They can be used to… Outside to capture the attention of passers-by Indoors to increase brand awareness and engagement within your premises Or on your product packaging to personalise your […]