Restaurant Menu Printing

Chefs and restaurateurs spend so much time and effort building the perfect menu, so it only makes sense to showcase your menu to the highest quality available. We’re here to provide fantastic service and spectacular quality for your menu printing needs.

If you aren’t sure what menu will work best for your business, let us know using the contact form and we’ll be happy to help you choose the best option for your restaurant and your budget.

Single Use Restaurant Menus

FSC Certified Disposable Menu Printing

From £16.00

Sometimes establishments need lots of menus, going through them quicker than they can shout "New order!" to the chef. That's where our single-use menus come in and are perfect just for this. They allow you to get exactly what you need while keeping costs low but quality high. 

We print these on excellent 120gsm paper, and can easily be put through for a quick turnaround order.

Un-laminated Restaurant Menus

Un-laminated Menu printing online - Good Quality

From £32.00

These menus are perfect for short-term use, for example, weekend gatherings, parties or one-off events. You can be sure that you are getting the great quality you expect from our menus, but without the hefty price to come with it.

Laminated Restaurant Menus

A4 & A3 Laminated Restaurant Menu Printing - Digital Printing Services

From £20.00

Printed to perfection and incredibly durable, these menus are perfect for any restaurant. We print them on 350gsm silk card, but can also be uncoated if that is what you would prefer, before being finished with your choice of 75-micron gloss or matt lamination, to make them look fantastic.

Due to their lamination, they are very easy to be wiped clean, which makes them perfect for establishments that are busy and constantly moving around. If however, your business needs something just a little heavier, then check out our Extra Heavy Lamination Menus.

Heavy Laminate Restaurant Menus

Durable Heavy Laminate Menu Printing - Online Printing - Digital Printing

From £45.00

When it comes to menus, sometimes you need ones that are going to be able to survive anything, from kitchen fires to hangry children. Our Heavy Laminated Menus are perfect for just these situations, as they are seriously tough products. 

What makes them this tough? The fact that they are printed on 350gsm card, before being finished with 250-micron lamination. What you're getting here is a heavy duty product, but without the heavy duty price point, meaning both your menus and budget will last you a long time. Perfect for establishments that keep menus for a long time.

Restaurant menu printing is a skill. We either want the most durable long term menus available or our tables change so frequently that we must use a single use menu. When it comes to menu printing, we are experts. Founded on the same principles hospitality holds so close: Quality and Service, we are focused on creating great menus for your restaurant, bar, cafe, club or event.

If you are unsure the type of menu you want for your business, please get in touch with our Customer Service team who will only be too happy to assist with your decision making.

We are not only experts in Restaurant Menus, but have a vast experience in designing and printing Cocktail menus (as well as drinking cocktails)

We use a range of materials for our menu printing. This variety of options offers cost effective short term use menus as well as longer more durable options. For your reference, we have put a little explanation of our materials below for your review.

Paper Weights
Our premium 120gsm is a lightweight paper that can be printed en-masse at a comparatively cheap price. While we suggest such menus printed are single use, many of our clients are able to use these over again.

Our 350gsm heavyweight card is our most common paper used for longer term menus. Being more durable it provides a longevity especially when laminated that thinner papers cannot.

Menu printing has become a core business here at Kaizen Print. We print thousands of menus each week for restaurants, hotels and cafes all around the country. In doing so we have create a range of finishes to suit almost every need. The finishing of menus usually revolves around the addition of lamination to suit your requirements.

We offer 2 weights of lamination on our menu printing. On our laminated menus we use a 75 micron weight lamination in gloss of matt. This is perfect for the majority of menu printing projects. However for those who want extra durability or mileage from their menus, we offer an extra heavy duty 250 micron lamination. At 250microns this lamination combined with a 350gsm silk provides the most durable menu around.

At Kaizen Print we have a team of expert graphic designers who can help you craft the perfect menu design. From fast casual to fine dining, we have created menus for every restaurant style imaginable. To start a design project, please get in touch with our Design team on 028 9002 2474.

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Restaurant menus can come in all
shapes and sizes, we would
recommend however using a:

we also do custom sizes, just ask!

File Types

To make ordering your print as stress
free as possible we accept four
different file types:


To get the very best results for your
print, we recommend supplying your
file as a PDF in a CMYK colour space.

  • C
  • M
  • Y
  • K


Complete the look with your choice of finish:

  • Rounded corners

    Select rounded corners to give your cards a
    stylish, sleek edge that puts them a cut above
    the rest.

  • Lamination

    Get a tactile finish and better durability
    by adding matt, gloss or velvet lamination
    to your print.

Artwork Templates

Click to download our Restaurant Menus templates