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Our NCR books are printed on Xerox 70gsm NCR Paper and printed full colour or black and white. Choose from Duplicate and Triplicate books and pads which are perfect for invoice books, receipt books and order forms. Please note that Duplicate Books come in sets of 100 and Triplicate in sets of 50. The standard leadtime for NCR Book and Pad printing is 5 working days. But if you require the print sooner, this is certainly something we can help with, just call us on 028 9002 2474.

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Duplicate & Triplicate Books


We specialise in custom printed carbonless forms (NCR) including duplicate books and triplicate books. NCR stands for no carbon required, a process used on modern business forms. The NCR paper has a coating of carbon on its surface eliminating the need for separate sheets of carbon inserted between the top and subsequent copies. You remember those blue sheets you lost all the time? No longer required! 

With that said, we print outstanding NCR Booklets and Pads. Look we say they are outstanding, but in reality their just invoice pads or order forms. You can’t polish a turd, but you can sprinkle it with glitter and watch it sparkle. Thats what we do here. We make functional pads that are easy to use and not expensive. 

Our NCR pads are printed in duplicate or triplicate as required, glued into sets or pads and covered with a manilla cover. As we print the booklets digitally, they are numbered in the font you have designed the booklet in ensuring the print looks top notch. We print for trade and the public, so you can be assured we provide the highest quality triplicate and duplicate books.

Our NCR printing covers many various options including:

Duplicate Pads | Triplicate Pads | Custom NCR Pads | Order Form Pads | Delivery Notes | Custom Invoices | Takeaway Receipts | Purchase Orders | Restaurant Receipts | A4 Invoice Pads | Bespoke NCR Forms

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Have your own artwork? You can use our free templates to help you. Each of our templates are print ready supplied to you with bleed, and crop marks.

Download the format you wish to work on below and each template is blank so its simple to add your artwork and save out as a pdf to upload to our website.

More about Duplicate & Triplicate Books


An NCR is called a set is when all of its parts are glued together on one edge to create a multi-part document. Our NCR Sets are commonly used by businesses for invoices, delivery notes and hire forms. By keeping records in this manner will help you keep accurate and efficient track of your business details.


With our NCR pads, the above NCR sets are glued together to create a pad of sets. 50 sets per pad is the industry standard when triplicate orders are place, but within Kaizen, for Duplicates we provide 100 sets per pad. Be sure to check you are getting as good a deal when you compare prices. The gluing of the sets within a pad, allows individual sets to be removed from the pad once completed. NCR pads are often used for service forms, sales order, returns documents and purchase order(PO) forms.


Just like NCR Pads, our NCR books are of a similar nature with the single difference that 1 or more of the parts of the NCR remain in the book. This fastening happens due to a perforated stub, allowing removal. NCR books are often used for receipts, return forms, cash reciepts, invoices and purchase orders.