Office Supplies for 2023 with Kaizen Print

Busy schedule? We hear ya! It is extremely hard to believe that the new year is just around the corner. Need help organising your office with supplies for 2023? Let Kaizen Print keep you right. From 2023 calendars to office wall charts, we have you covered.

Office Supplies – Boost that New Year, New You Motivation

Nothing says motivation like new stationary supplies. Whether you are 5 years old in primary school or 35 years old in employment, there is a great buzz that comes with brand-new supplies.

Business Cards

Personalised business cards can go a long way in nurturing professional relationships. They represent your brand and help you exchange contact information with a personal touch. Even in this digital age, business cards never go out of style.

The right business card can create a perfect first impression when presented to a new customer. With this in mind we offer only the highest quality business cards that truly reflect your business and the quality and value it portrays.

We know that a well-designed and printed business card sets you apart from your competition. This little bit of card is the silent salesperson who reminds your customers who you are and how you can help. We want to make the perfect first impression and a high-quality business card helps to do so.

At Kaizen Print, business cards are more popular than ever and still one of our most commonly printed products. The range of business card types is ever growing and now we have a business card for almost every use and budget.


Letters can say so much or so little, but one thing is for sure, with our letterheads, your businesses professionalism, credibility and brand identity will shine through. Letterheads are one of the simplest forms of communication, why not make the most of this in the new year?

Our stunning letterhead paper, printed on a premium 120gsm uncoated paper are used in almost every type of business, from solicitors to dentists, haulage firms and even in printers like ours. Letterheaded paper can be printed single or double sided and in A4 or A5 sizes.

The Benefits of Personalised Office Supplies

Increases credibility

If your business card or letterhead contains the right information about your company, it will aid you in creating a sense of trustworthiness and reliability. In other words, you are letting your clients or customers know that your company is real and they can contact you any time they want. Clients are more inclined to trust you if you have appealing office supplies.

Increases brand awareness

It is important for your business card and letterhead to have the name of your company and contact information. This will make your company more popular since your customers will immediately recognise your business when they see the card or letterhead icon. This helps to market the company and increase profits. This is another fine way of making your company popular as well as successful.

Portrays the company as professional

When you use a business card or letterhead, it offers a corporate view of your business or company. It is important to have the design of your card and letterhead done professionally. This gives the readers a sense that you are not an ordinary company. In addition, investing good quality materials on your clients makes them feel valued and they will in turn invest in your company.

New Year Offers at Kaizen Print

  • 500 business cards for £29.99
  • 500 letterheads for £59.99

Want to avail of our New Year Offers?

Bespoke letterheads and business cards for your company are one of the simplest forms of communication. If you do not have a brief ready or you want to give your design a facelift, our team of professional graphic designers can create the perfect design for your business.

Let us help you out, with as little hassle possible. Make 2023 one to remember and avail of our offers now.

To start a conversation about letterheads and business cards with our team, please call 028 9507 2007 or email us via the contact page.