Common roll up banner sizes

Roll up banners come in all shapes and sizes. This acute ability to serve multiple needs and situations makes them the go to exhibition stand for many marketers and business people. As a business we use roll up banners at events to showcase our business and to create a huge impact in a crowded marketplace. We’re the biggest advocates of roll up banners because we know they work and not just well, but the best possible. Today we’re going to run through the most common banner sizes and when some of these might be more suitable for use over the standard size of 850x2000mm.

Common Roll Up Banner Sizes

As mentioned above, the most common roller banner size we sell is 850mm x 2000mm. From our research across a number of print companies all across the UK & Ireland we have seen this size is also extremely common and so we’re confident that the majority of banners of this nature are 850x2000mm. In addition to the above (in order of size, from smallest to largest) we’ve outlined other common roll up banner sizes below. Some are super small desktop size and others are exhibition ready huge roll up banners.

We usually steer people away from the super large roller banners in favour of exhibition stands such as media walls, but recently we completed a project for a local charity who used a 1500mm x 2000mm roll up banner at their charity evening and we were blown away by just how well the banner was presented. Used primarily as a photo backdrop for the event, the large roll up banner was perfect for 2-3 people standing in front of it.

  • A3
  • 800mm x 2000mm
  • 850mm x 2000mm – Download template here
  • 850mm x 2000mm double sided
  • 1200mm x 2000mm
  • 1500mm x 2000mm – Download template here

What roll up banners do stock?

At we offer 3 main roll up banner types. Our most commonly purchased roll up banners come in the 850mm x 2000mm size. These are the single sided and double sided options. We have recently introduced a 1500mm x 2000mm stand after extensive testing over multiple banner types. We wanted to be 100% sure we are happy with the roll up banner systems before we put it to the market. We’re glad to say, that the new 1500mm wide roll up banner with its dual poles is an amazing product.

How do I order my roll up banner?

To order your roll up banner you can select the quantity and banner type you want from our roll up banner page. Be sure to select the lead time you want your print in so that we can properly schedule this with the production team, to ensure your delivery is met. If you need any assistance with your ordering, please do not hesitate to contact our great customer service team who would only be too happy to help. You can get them on

Roll Up Banner Design Examples

What is a roller banner?

roller banner

 Roller banners are portable lightweight exhibition stands that can be installed and taken down by a single person. The size of a roller banner is commonly 850mm wide x 2000mm tall.

What size is a roller banner?

roller banner printing

The most common size of roller banner is 850mm wide x 2000mm tall. Extra wide roller banners (1500mm x 2000mm) are becoming more popular with the launch of more robust banner stands.