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Restaurant Menu Printing Options Kaizen Print

The restaurant industry is in for a boom.  Pandemic restrictions have been lifted.  Everyone is ready to get back out and enjoy a meal.  However, many owners are looking at this opportunity as a fresh start.  A refresh in your menu design and marketing materials is perfect now.  Restaurant audiences respond favourably to traditional restaurant media.  There are marketing campaigns for restaurants that have been memorable and really resonated.  In addition, the physical menu itself can be memorable.  Therefore, it’s time to keep this all in mind and consider your options.  There’s always a way to improve your customer base.  Therefore, be aware of your options and be sure to make the most of your restaurant printing.

Restaurant Signage Options

The principal identifier for your restaurant is the sign on your premises.  However, there are some other ways to increase awareness of your establishment.  In addition, signage can drive customers to specials or events.  Indoor and outdoor signage is an integral component of restaurant marketing.  Therefore, consider a refresh to ensure you present yourself as an attractive place to eat.

Outdoor Options

There are quite a few options for outdoor restaurant signage.  Here are some brilliant options to attract customers to your establishment.

Feather Flags

Feather flags are great when you are having an event and really want to get noticed.  A feather flag or a few is perfect for grand openings or a new menu launch.  In addition, you can call out any limited time promotions.  This will increase their prominence.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl Printing

Let your windows or walls do some marketing for you.  Self-adhesive vinyl printing is brilliant to attract customers to come inside.  Use this to display your menu specialties or any promotional pricing.

PVC Banners & Mesh Banners

If you are looking to advertise off premises, PVC or Mesh banners will work nicely.  Both banners will keep your branding message alive in areas of high prominence, like park fencing for example.  However, if you are worried about your message being carried away by high winds, mesh banners will keep your message right.  The wind will literally pass through your banner.  Therefore, your message is left intact.

You want these signs to get noticed from near and far.  Therefore, use a popular dish that is also delicious to look at!  However, don’t forget to include your establishment’s name and address or contact information.


Flyers are a valuable and rewarding asset for your business.  They are very quick to have printed.  In addition, they are extremely easy to distribute.  Flyers present the perfect opportunity to promote specials, menu highlights or events on the street in your neighbourhood.  In addition, they can be easily delivered to people within a wide vicinity.


Stickers can work on increasing your restaurant branding in a couple of ways.  Outside, they can be distributed, much like flyers.  However, they will need some creative and original to truly do their work.

There isn’t a lot of room on a sticker to get everything you would like across.  However, a QR code as part of your sticker design will help.  Make it easy for potential customers to see hwat the fuss is about.  QR codes require a quick scan with a smartphone before leading customers to your menu in no time.

In addition, stickers can be used within the premises.  They are perfect for attaching to your takeaway materials.  Apply stickers to carry-out boxes, beverage cups or paper bags to keep your brand top of mind.

Indoor Options

Now that you have customers through your doors, it is time to continue your marketing work.  Indoor signage offers your establishment the opportunity to draw attention to any hot menu items, upcoming events or specials.

Table Tent & Strut Cards

Chances are you have noticed a table tent or strut card when you’ve been at a restaurant table.  They are among the most popular print items in the restaurant industry.  The reason for this is clear.  They are easily noticed by your patrons.  In addition, they can be placed on every table and counter top.  Therefore, they are guaranteed at least a passing glance.  In other words, ensure you card design warrants glances that are more than just passing.

Restaurant Menus

Aside from the food, your restaurant menu is your most important component.  Customers will draw conclusions from removing the menu even before eating.  The quality of the menu itself leaves a lasting impression with your customers.  However, the flow of the layout is also crucial.  It will make a big difference to your customers’ eating habits.  However, design is not only important for eat-in restaurants.  In addition, takeaways should focus their attention on a careful considered menu design.

At Kaizen Print, we offer a wide range of menu options to suit every need and budget.  Single-use menus can also be taken away and used as a flyer.  For multiple use menus, there are various lamination options available.

In addition, if you are ready for a refresh and are unsure of your design, we can help.  We have a team of expert designers that can help you make your menu make mouths water!


Make the most of your free space indoors.  A poster is brilliant for calling attention to upcoming events or menu additions.  These viewers are customers currently enjoying your food.  Give them another reason to come back!  In addition, posters are the perfect opportunity to increase your social profile.  Include your social handles, so customers can follow you.

Restaurant Printing at Kaizen Print

Kaizen Print has helped restaurants in Belfast, Omagh and all across Northern Ireland.  We have been helping restaurants with their print marketing materials for over ten years.  In addition, we have a team of expert designers and printers that can take your establishment to the next level.  Get in touch by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.