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Businesses need to maximise every opportunity to market their brand.  For many businesses, windows on their premises are under-utilised but offer great opportunities.  Putting these windows to work will give your branding efforts great potential.  Vinyl printing is the perfect vehicle to maximise your branding and get your premises to assist with your marketing.  In addition, there are benefits to utilising vinyl.  Finally, there are various options for the type of vinyl available for your branding efforts.

Why Vinyl Printing is a Viable Option

Vinyl printing is a unique choice for businesses looking for a different method to carry out their marketing.  In addition, it utilises precious window space.  However let’s take some time to look at the great options vinyl printing offers.

Size & Shape Flexibility

Vinyl printing will accommodate your branding needs, no matter the size and shape of your available space.  Vinyl printing can be cut to all manner of shapes and sizes.  Therefore, vinyl can be used for your counter facing, a presentation wall or even your entire space.  Vinyl offers your business a solution to any marketing need.

Fabulous Design Opportunities

Your imagination is the only limitation to your vinyl printing design.  Therefore, get truly creative with your vinyl plans and design.  Your design has the potential to become the focal point of your business and attract great attention.  Above all, vinyl just looks great.

Available as Permanent or Removable

One of vinyl printing’s greatest benefits is its flexibility in duration.  Vinyl printing can be permanent.  However, it doesn’t have to be.  Offering the flexibility really makes vinyl an attractive choice.  Sometimes business wants or needs to change elements or even rebrand.  In addition, there is the potential for location change.  Therefore, having the option of your signage being removable is ideal.


Compared to other forms of interior-design branding vehicles, vinyl-printing is a highly cost-effective option. Vinyl offers fantastic final results and great value for money.  Therefore, using vinyl on your premises really makes sense for your business.

Get the Word Out

Vinyl printing is an attractive and effective way to get the word out about your brand, product or service.  Vinyl offers you the opportunity to tell what your brand is about.  In addition, vinyl is a great vehicle to announce any company achievements.

Vinyl is brilliant for announcing your pending arrival to a premises.  You can have your branding on your new premises and give details on when you will be open for business and build the anticipation of your opening.

Branding on the Move

In addition to office spaces and shop fronts, vinyl printing can be applied to vehicles.  Therefore, your marketing message can be on the move and travel wherever your vehicle goes.

Vinyl Printing Tips

Make the most of your vinyl printing and the effort worthwhile.  Here are some top design tips to consider with your vinyl printing.

Your Logo Should Be Central

Your logo is the illustrative representative of your brand.  Therefore, ensure your logo is the focal point of your design.  If you are considering a massive print job, repeat your logo for maximum effect.  Your logo should be strong visually to trigger the memory of what your brand stands for.

Direct Your Audience

It is important to grab attention and display your branding.  However, you also need to direct your audience.  Let the audience know what you do and how the audience can patronise your business.  Give an overview of your key or all offerings so the audience knows what your brand does.  Let customers know when you are ready to welcome them if you haven’t opened yet.  In addition, remind the audience of any other locations if you are a chain.

Grab Attention with Text & Colour

Vinyl printing offers you a great opportunity to get creative and have fun with the design.  A bold call to action is an effective way to grab attention.  In addition, you can build intrigue with a clever play on words.  In other words, the goal is to get noticed and your brand remembered.

Colour is also an effective way to attract notice.  Think of your existing premises’ wall colouring.  Be smart with the colour you choose for your design.  Utilise colours that will allow your vinyl’s signage to stand out and attract attention within your street-level environment.

Vinyl Printing Options

Kaizen Print offers up various vinyl printing options to suit your business needs.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl

Self-adhesive vinyl is perfect for feature walls or window displays.  This vinyl can be temporary or permanent.  In addition, we use waterproof inks meaning they can be used indoors or outdoors.  Very large prints are tiled together, like wallpaper, to create a seamless finish.

One-Way Vision

One-way window vinyl is a one-way vinyl graphic.  You can see through this signage from one side but not the other.  They are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.  Therefore, they are durable and withstand the weather and time.

Magnetic Signage

Magnetic signage allows you to brand your vehicle.  Get your marketing message on the move.  These signs are fully removable, making them perfect for short to medium term use.  Signs can be applied to your vehicle within seconds.  In addition, they can be removed just as quick and without damaging your car.

Get Your Vinyl Printing at Kaizen Print

Kaizen Print can help you with all your vinyl printing needs.  We have been in the printing business for over ten years.  We have done vinyl printing for businesses in Omagh, Belfast and all across Northern Ireland.  In addition, we have a team of expert designers who will ensure success with your design.  Get in touch by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.