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Events are back!  After a couple of years with little to no events, things are scaling back to normal.  People are looking to get back to mingling, dancing and just enjoying themselves.  Events play an important role in this.  In addition, they are great for brand building.  Therefore, it is in your best interest, and your attendees, to make the most of your event marketing.  A successful event will build a community that will follow you around and attend any subsequent events.  So let’s look at ways to maximise the potential of your event.

Tips to Promote Your Event

There are some important tips to follow to ensure your upcoming event is living up to its full potential.  No matter the event you are putting on, these tips will ensure you reach out to as many relevant potential patrons as possible.

Have Well-Designed Posters

Posters are vital to advertise your event.  They may be one of the most important elements of your event marketing.  However, posters should be well-designed.  People will take your event seriously if you take your poster printing seriously.  A well-designed poster will capture your target market’s attention and leave a lasting impression.  Ensure your posters are created well in advance.  You want to give patrons enough time to plan what they need in order to attend.

Go Big

On the day of your event, go big with your signage.  Make your signs large.  Use roller banners outside your entrance to make the event significant.  Therefore, your confirmed patrons will know where your event is and that it’s a big deal.  In addition, you may attract significant walk-up patrons curious as to what all the fuss is about.

Campaign Early

As soon as possible following the confirmation of your event, you should start your event marketing.  Leaving the promotion to the last minute will cause you considerable stress.  In addition, the potential for a poorly attended event becomes a real possibility.  People plan their social calendar in advance so it is best to give them ample time to include your event.

Use Social Media

Social media is a great way to advertise your event.  Create alluring Facebook and Instagram posts to call attention and count down to the big day.  Create a Facebook event page.  Confirmed patrons can share with their networks potentially expanding your reach exponentially.  In addition, these event pages give patrons a chance to join a community discussion board.  It’s a brilliant way to build excitement and to keep everyone informed of any updates.

Email Your Subscribers

If you are an event promoter or business, chances are you have a database of subscribers who want to be kept informed.  These people are loyal to you, hence the subscription.  You can incentivise this group with a gift voucher to redeem at the event.  However, email this group first to announce your event to promote the exclusivity of your mailing list.

Keep Your Branding Consistent

Have your event materials be consistent with your brand guidelines.  You don’t want to disassociate your event from your brand.  At the end of the day, events are a brand building exercise.  Therefore, keep it consistent and your audience will recognise your brand for subsequent events.

Appreciate Your Attendees

Thank your customers for attending.  If you are a nightclub it can be as easy as handing out a flyer with a drink offer as a thank you.  In addition, it incentivises them to return.  Thank everyone in the Facebook community for their attendance.  Finally, email your subscribers and thank them for making the event a success.

Event Printing Options

Kaizen Print has you covered for all your event marketing.  No matter the size of your event or budget, we can ensure your event is a success.  Here are some options to consider to maximise your event’s potential.


We have small posters, large posters and waterproof posters.  Postering is vital for raising event awareness.  Plan out where would be best for your posters to reside and proceed with your postering plan.

Invitations & Tickets

Guests will love bespoke invitations and tickets.  In addition, invitations allow you to send all the event details.  With a highly creative design these invitations and tickets can live on long after your event as a collector’s item.

Roller Banners

Make a fuss of your event.  Having some beautiful roller banners by your event entrance makes an enticing impression.  In addition, they will no doubt become a photo prop for attendees to be shared on their social networks.


Give out event marketing directly into the hands of potential patrons with a flyer campaign.  They are easy to produce and distribute.  In addition, they are a cost-effective means to market your event.

Event Marketing at Kaizen Print

Kaizen Print has been creating event marketing materials for over ten years.  We have helped with events in Belfast, Omagh and all across Northern Ireland.  In addition, we have a team of expert designers if you are unsure of your event branding.  Get in touch by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.