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What is a Presentation Cheque?

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Large presentation cheques are a fantastic way for both private organisations and charities to promote fundraising activities to a huge audience outside each of their respective organisations. By their nature, a large presentation cheque is oversized and is therefore suitable to create an eye-catching PR photo opportunity. One that can be used right across all […]

Why Should Restaurants Invest in Disposable Menus?

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Disposable menus are the safest option to reduce any type of contact between the customers. Therefore these menus are the need of the restaurants these days. Many state governments issued strict guidelines for restaurants in which they mandated the uses of disposable menus and restricted the other touchable menus. Obviously, this step is taken by […]

Maintain Safety In Your Restaurants Using Disposable menus Post COVID

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is probably reasonable to say that the world, in general, is terrified to see how the novel coronavirus has changed the way people used to live. Though the risk of spreading this virus is high in public areas like restaurants, theaters, and malls, the most effective way […]

Tracking Your Print Marketing – The Why & The How

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Whether it’s digital or in print, your marketing campaign is only as successful as the metrics that generated from your strategy. One of the reasons that digital marketing has become so effective is due to the large amount of tracking points that can be collected. Unfortunately, many marketing teams believe that tracking can only be […]