Autumn Marketing – A Fresh Season

Autumn Marketing Ideas Waterproof Posters

There are many people who wish summer could last forever.  However, all good things must come to a temporary end.  Hot on the heels of those warm summer campaigns is the autumn marketing campaign season.  This is the season to swap out the sizzling hot colour schemes for something a bit cooler and comfortable.  In addition to updating colours, your business will want to transition over to more autumn friendly marketing materials.  It won’t be as sunny, the days will be getting shorter and there be even more rain!  Therefore, now is the time to get your autumn marketing campaigns solidified and printed if you haven’t already.

Fresh Autumn Colours

The Pantone Colour Institute is recognized globally as a leading source of colour expertise.   Marketing and product development departments rely heavily on their recommendations for seasons’ trending colour forecasts.  This forecast looks ahead to what colours and shades will be dominating store shelves and wardrobes for each season.

Over a month ago, Pantone released their 2022 autumn predictions.  While these colours are directly referring to fashion, many marketing campaigns outside of fashion will incorporate these trending colours to stay on trend.  According to Pantone, this year’s autumn colours highlight the transition from summer to the calm of autumn.  The leaves change their colours and subsequently fall to the ground.  These colours merge our nature-centric respect for the environment with our quest for serenity and well-being.  The colours can be found with light infused pastels and energising brights.  You can see all the highlighted colours for this upcoming season here.

Fresh Marketing Materials

Along with incorporating fresh new colours into your marketing, it’s wise to have your materials to adapt to the new season.  Your outdoor materials will need to adapt to the realities of autumn.  For indoor marketing materials a refresh to the new autumn colour scheme should be sufficient.  But let’s look at some options to consider for your autumn marketing campaign.

Backlit Lightbox Poster

There’s no mystery that the days get shorter in the autumn.  However, keeping your marketing message alive through the darker evenings is still possible.  Backlit lightbox posters are lit from behind.  They project a perfect image in stunning vibrancy.  Therefore, these posters are found everywhere.  You find them at most bus stops in the city, in cinemas and hotels just to name a few.  As long as they are getting power, your marketing message remains lit up.

At Kaizen Print we print our backlit posters on 285gsm translucent film.  They are printed using a 9-colour ink system with 10 passes per line.  This creates a realistic and vibrant look with a great quality finish.  Therefore, ensure your design is worthy of being lit up.  Use vibrant colours that will shine in light.  In addition, keep your messaging succinct.

Waterproof Posters

There’s one thing you can be guaranteed to expect in autumn.  If you are using posters outside, you should expect them to get wet.  This is especially true over the autumn months.  Therefore, now is the perfect time to add some waterproof posters to your marketing mix.

Waterproof posters are perfect for any outdoor occasion.  They are printed on a waterproof polypropylene film.  Therefore, they are strong and durable.  If you compare with a laminated option, the waterproof poster is more durable and cost-effective.  These posters are available in A2, A1 and A0 sizes.

Roller Banners

Roller banners are perfect for exhibitions, trade shows or any other large room where you need your message to stand out.  They easily grab attention from near and far.  Therefore, it is vital to ensure your messaging is compelling and features colours that will keep the eye.

However, getting noticed isn’t their sole winning feature.  In addition, they are remarkable portable.  Therefore, they are easy to transport.  Kaizen Print offers a quick turnaround on roller banners.  There’s no better time to update your artwork.  This can be done without having to repurchase the stand mechanism.  Stand out this exhibition season with a dazzling roller banner.

Magnetic Signage

Branding doesn’t have to be stationary!  Take your message on the road with magnetic signage.  These signs are a quick and easy way to add to and remove from your vehicle!

At Kaizen Print we use the highest quality vinyl and ink for our magnetic signs.  They are transferred to long lasting magnetic sheets and laminated to make them extra durable.  Therefore, your magnetic sign should last an average 2 to 3 years.

With key benefits including easy and quick application and removal, strong magnetic pull and a great quality print, magnetic signs are ideal to get your brand noticed on the road.  With more people taking to their vehicles in the autumn, this is the perfect route to maximise your branding potential.

Get Your Autumn Marketing at Kaizen Print

There you have some options and tips to take your autumn marketing campaigns to the next level.  If you haven’t already, your business should be thinking about what it wants to achieve from marketing this autumn and how best to achieve those results.

At Kaizen Print, we have been in the printing business for over ten years.  We have helped countless businesses and organisations in Belfast and all across Northern Ireland.  We have a team of design and printing experts that will be happy to assist you in taking your business to the next level this autumn.  Get in touch by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.