Belfast Printing Options for Takeaways

While digital marketing has made printed materials feel a little less necessary, for some industries traditional print marketing remains a vital lifeline.  Takeaway marketing is one example of a sector that still utilises the power of traditional print.  It is for good reason too.  Print marketing is a fantastic way to raise awareness of your takeaway’s presence and menu.  Let’s look at some takeaway marketing options and reasons why they can work your business.

Flyers Can Have Dual Use

Flyers can work in two ways for your takeaway.  First, they can be used as menus for customers or passers-by to distribute from your premises.  Secondly, flyers can be used to advertise a special promotional pricing event or the introduction of a new menu item.

Benefits of Using Flyer Printing

Versatility, low cost and an easy design are brilliant features of using flyers in your takeaway business.  You can utilise full colour printing for these and take your flyer to the next level, ensuring it stands out among the advertising modes of your competitors.

Incorporating a creative flyer design into your advertising arsenal helps your business capture and retain the attention of customers.  The most important part of any flyer is the headline.  Think of your most popular menu offering and make it your messaging hero.  Think of what makes your business different from your competitors.  This is information that is invaluable in grabbing attention.  However, if you are trying to call attention to a special pricing promotion, make the save story your headline.  People are drawn to saving some money, so lure them in with a bold call to action.

However, one of the most appealing reasons for utilising flyer printing is the cost-effectiveness.  Flyers are relatively cheap to produce than most of the other advertising materials.  That doesn’t mean you should knock off a cheap looking flyer.  Think of what you want to get out of your flyer and work your design around those goals.

Takeaway Marketing Options – Flyers

A4 Folded Flyers

Printed at A4 size and then folded, A4 folded flyers are amazing value for money.  Paper weights vary from 130gsm to 350gsm.  However, all print weights 300 gsm and over is creased and laid flat rather than folded.

A3 Flyers

A3 flyers will ensure you get noticed.  These flyers standard size is 297 x 420mm, making them a high impact option.  In addition, they are offered in a range of paper weights and finishes.  Therefore, you are sure to find the right solution to whatever your business needs.

Takeaway Marketing Options – Stickers Can Work For Your Business

Stickers come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be brilliant brand ambassadors with the right design.  Plotted stickers are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

For your takeaway, doing something a little different helps your business stand out from the crowd.  With custom plotted stickers you can really go wild with your sticker design.  Your sticker can come in almost any shape and size.  Therefore, make the most of the opportunity with your sticker design.

At Kaizen Print our stickers are printed on gloss or matt vinyl, clear or opaque and we can shape your stickers to any design you wish.  In other words, the only limit is your design team’s imagination.  These stickers are sometimes also referred to as cut-vinyl or die-cut vinyl.  These are one of our most purchased products because of the low cost and the minimum order quantities.  In addition, we use only the highest grade inks and vinyl, so these stickers will last well in excel of 12 months in the wild.

Counter Displays When Space is a Premium

Chances are if you are a takeaway you aren’t working with an immense amount of space.  Make sure you put what little space you have to good use.  A counter display will allow you to increase awareness of new menu additions, promotional pricing events or any other campaign.  These will encourage return business from customers already in your premises.

Table tent cards are the perfect marketing vehicle at your point of sale.  They are among the best and ultimately cost-effective print products in the hospitality industry.  They look great, show off your offers in all their glory and make the most of your limited space!

If you want to take your tent card to the next level, we recommend a double-sided print option.  It provides nothing more than a creative touch.  However, adding a design or colour on the inside really does make your tent card stand out.

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