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Flyer printing

Flyers are the perfect marketing option to promote upcoming events or a new business opening.  They are used to captivate the audience.  This is done by briefly describing the upcoming event or opening.  Flyer printing effectiveness is often overlooked.  However, they grab attention and leave a long lasting impression when done right.  Flyer printing is one of the best ways to reach a large array of customers and quickly engage them in marketing.  We will look at the benefits of flyer printing for your business.  In addition, we will offer tips to ensure your flyer design is printer ready.

Benefits of Flyer Printing

There are numerous benefits to flyer printing.  Here are some of the more compelling benefits:

Flyers are affordable.  Therefore, they are a great return on investment.  You can easily print flyers without giving away your shirt.

Flyers are extremely handy.  Therefore, they are remarkable easy to distribute.  This is especially true in locations where your target audience resides.

Compelling flyers have an eye catching design.  In addition to being attractive, they cover the essential and detailed information.

Flyers allow you to actually connect with potential customers.  All printed material is more engaging compared to online ads.

Flyers are small.  However, they can be customised.  Therefore, you can choose the best design and style for your marketing objectives.

Flyer Printing That Works

High quality flyers remain a fantastic way to get the word out.  They really can drive your business forward.  In addition, your flyer campaign will bring a fantastic return on investment.  It is important you bring your best flyer campaign to the market.  You want a real tangible connection with your brand or event.  In addition, you want to ensure people spend more than a passing glance at it.  Finally, it would be ideal for your flyer to initiate a word of mouth campaign.  How do you ensure success for your flyer printing?  Here are some tips:

Create Your Document Using CMYK Colour Mode

Colour prints can notoriously be difficult to emulate to the final product.  Print tends to be more limited in what it can achieve from what you see before you on a screen.  Therefore, design your flyer in CMYK colour mode.  You’ll get closer to the colour that you can expect to see once printed.

Set Your Dimensions

Ensure you have set the correct dimensions for your flyer.  This might seem obvious but it is a mistake that happens very often.  Any attempt to adjust dimensions at a later stage will result in more work to correct the issue.  In other words, there is the possibility of compromising your final design.

Use High Resolution Images

You will need a higher resolution than you would for designs that you create online.  For online, we try to reduce the size of files to reduce the amount of time it takes to load web pages.  However, print needs the higher resolution and the larger file.  This ensures you get a nice crisp finish on your final print.

When designing for print you should be working in dots per inch (dpi) rather than pixels per inch (ppi).  PPI is used for screen resolutions.  The dpi ration that you opt for will depend on the size of the flyer image and its dimensions.  Typically for an A5 sized flyer, you will want to aim for between 240 and 300 dpi.  Therefore, you can be sure you will get the best quality finish possible.

Keep a Space for Bleed Area

You want to ensure you leave an area for bleed on your flyer design.  This is true for all printing jobs.  The bleed area is there to provide some space to allow for any design inconsistencies.  In addition, it allows for the movement of the paper during the printing process.  However, you will want to allow around 2 – 5 mm additional space around your flyer design.  This is to ensure the printer has some leeway to work with.  In addition, the printer can trim off the extra card after the print job to give a nice crisp finish.

Get Flyer Printing Help from a Professional

At Kaizen Print, we have a wealth of experience in helping clients with their flyer requirements.  We can help guide you along the way with expert design advice.  In addition we will ensure you are left with only the very best results.  In the meantime, check out our flyer design templates.  These provide a great base from which to work off of.  In addition, these templates will help you along the way to your perfect flyers.

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