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Businesses are constantly looking for ways to personalise their products and their premises.  Sticker and label printing is one of the most effective ways to achieve this.  The options are endless with this type of printing.  Labels are perfect for uses in any type of business.  They are used to brand your products.  In addition, they brand carry-out bags.  Stickers are effective brand ambassadors.  They are distributed outside of a business’ premises to raise awareness.  However, they are also applied within a premises to personalise it.  Sticker and label printing offers you a fantastic opportunity to get creative.  Your branding relies on this creativity to stand out in a crowded market.

Sticker and Label Printing

Stickers and labels are fantastically simple.  However, they are a remarkably effective means of advertising and branding.  Stickers have a number of different potential applications.

  • Used outside, they are effective to capture the attention of passers-by
  • Used indoors, they will increase brand awareness and engagement within your premises
  • Labels are used on product packaging to personalise your product or service

Sticker and label printing also has a number of different benefits.  Let’s review some of what labels and stickers can bring to your business.

Stickers Are Taken For Granted

Stickers are highly adaptable.  In addition, they are also very personal.  Stickers are such a small piece of advertising they are forgotten as being a piece of marketing.  However, their power is taken for granted.  Therefore, your sticker offers you all the power of a piece of marketing.  However your recipients won’t greet them with the cynicism that comes with other forms of advertising.  This is what makes sticker campaigns so effective.

Label and Sticker Printing Is Not Intrusive

Stickers are intended to add value to your customers’ interactions.  They don’t bombard customers with a sales message.  This is especially true when it comes to labels on product packaging.  Labels and stickers are not intrusive.  Therefore, they don’t demand a call to action.  However, that is a possibility should you wish.

Versatile & Flexible

Label and sticker printing provides great versatility and flexibility.  This makes them a powerful prospect for all kinds of businesses of all sizes.  Here are some examples:

  • Independent food outlets on produce packaging
  • Event organisers on high-traffic areas in the vicinity
  • Trending clothing brands looking for brand resonance and recall
  • Delivery-based companies offering a personal touch

These are just a few ways in which different business types can take advantage of sticker and label printing.

Where Can You Use Stickers?

Stickers can be placed on virtually any surface it will adhere to.  Therefore, you can gift them out to customers and visitors to adorn their personal belongings.  In addition, you can add them to customer facing equipment.  This includes laptops or trade-related machinery.

Sticker and Label Printing Options

Indoor Printed Stickers

Inject a flavour of your brand without the need to overhaul your interior design.  Add indoor stickers inside your premises for that extra branding kick.  Stickers are relatively cost-effective.  Therefore, they give you a lot more leeway.  You can have a bit of fun with messaging and play around with your brand a little more.  There is plenty of scope to get creative and really show off your brand.  In addition, you can opt for small or large stickers.

Outdoor Plotted Stickers

Plotted stickers are extremely durable.  Therefore, this makes them ideal for indoor or outdoor use.  These stickers offer you the opportunity to give off a sense of cool and of intrigue.  Therefore, plotted stickers are ideal for guerrilla marketing or spreading the word in the local area.  This form of advertising tells passers-by you want to engage with them on a more personal level.  In addition, they are a lot cheaper than spreading the word via a billboard or in a bus shelter.  Another added bonus is that plotted stickers can be custom-shaped!  There is no limit other than your own creativity!

Label Printing

Labels are ideal if you want to add a personal touch to your packaging.  Labels are perfect to simply display your logo, give your customers a message or even just to tell a joke!  Label printing offer more flexibility in regards to trying out new or different messages.  This is unlike any other printed branding which is generally more cemented.  Labels also appeal to a more humble kind of grassroots marketing which in turn increases brand loyalty.

Sticker and Label Printing at Kaizen Print

At Kaizen Print, we will aim to provide you with the solution to your answer, no matter how bespoke.  Take your marketing to the next level.  Over our ten years in the business, we have helped hundreds of businesses with our stickers and labels.  Therefore, our team are fully experienced and ready to help you with your order.

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