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If you want to keep your customer informed about your latest products and services you offer, stapled booklet printing is one of the most popular options to go with. Our booklet printing services are specifically tailored for businesses that want to outsmart competition and stay ahead of the curve.

From order services to wire-bound booklets, we provide an extensive range of products to meet different client requirements. Our stapled booklets are available in different sizes and formats, allowing you to choose the best products for your project.

Our booklet printing is the perfect option for people who want to use magazines and brochures as one of the effective marketing channels for their organisation. If you need any assistance with design of your booklet, our team of experienced designers can help create the best booklet design to engage and influence your customers.

Order Of Service Booklets

Order of Service Printing Online

From £70.00

Choose Kaizen Print for your expertly and elegantly printed Order of Service Booklets. An order of service booklets should be the perfect accompaniment to your wedding stationery, but it shouldn't cost the earth. We have a range of of paper and card stocks to suit every style and budget.

We offer cost effective print-runs on small quantities, meaning you always get the exact quantity of booklets that you need without wastage.

Our booklets are printed in-house on our state of the art printing presses and finished by our team of professional print finishers, ensuring our Order of Service Booklets are second to none.

Booklet & Brochure Printing

A5 Booklet Printing - Online Printing Services UK

From £40.00

Our best value booklet printing just got even better. Digitally printed booklets at industry leading prices are hard to beat. Add in super fast lead times and you have some of the best and cheapest booklet printing online.

These high quality booklets are finished with a saddle stitch (2 staples) on the spine, which provides durability in use at extremely cost effective prices.

Our booklets are the perfect choice for those looking to create magazines, brochures, annual reports and any type of booklet for use in business. Our booklet printing is one of the most popular products and with very good reason.

Wire Bound Booklets

Wire Bound Booklet Printing - Online Printing Services UK

From £10.00

Looking for that extra something special and a little bit of extra durability for your next project? Look no further than our Wire or Wiro Bound Booklets. We use a single metal coil along one edge to keep them together, making them perfect for projects or reports of a large size.

Wirebound Booklets are perfect for those projects that are regularly referenced or are used in instances that require a more heavy duty option than standard brochures.

Our wiro bound booklets are used regularly as training manuals, kitchen prep guides and vehicle sign in booklets.

Booklet Printing and Brochure Printing are interchangeable terms for our range of saddle stitched and wire bound Booklets. Whether you need an annual report, a magazine or an internal reference guide for your team, we have the perfect booklet and brochure for every need. We currently offer 2 finishing methods to our booklets - Saddle Stitched (2 staples on the spine) and Wire Bound with a metal coil binding (more robust for continuous use).

Booklet Sizes
Our booklets come in 3 main sizes. A5, Portrait, A5 Landscape and A4 Portrait. For bespoke sizes, please contact our Customer Service team who will only be too happy to assist you with your enquiry.

On our booklet, range we offer a 150gsm Silk inner printed sheet and the choice of a self cover or heavier 250gsm Silk Card. For extra durability, we also offer the options of laminating the heavier card stock with your choice of Matt or Gloss Lamination on the front only.

Recommended Specification
Our own personal choice of booklet printing includes a heavier 250gsm Silk cover and 150gsm Silk inner, with Matt Lamination on the cover.

When designing your booklets, along with the principles of bleed and safety margins, it's also prudent to consider the pagination and the use of CMYK/RGB imagery.

Booklet Pagination
When designing for saddle Stitched Booklets, the booklet will comprise of a pagination in multiples of 4. The process of printing the booklet starts with us printing on a sheet double the size of your finished product and then folding it in half, gathering it with the other sheets in the booklet and adding staple. When we fold the booklet in half, this takes 2 pages and makes it 4. If you do not have enough content for the next multiple of 4, it is fairly common for the inside front or inside back covers to be blank.

CMYK/RGB Imagery
Within booklets there is often the opportunity for the use of multiple images. With this in mind, it is common that a mix of CMYK and RGB images is selected for use. We print solely in CMYK and so it is prudent to convert all RGB images at time of design. This ensures the colour will be as you expect when printed. If images remain RGB and are converted at print, this may be using a different method than you expect and so the results may be different.

All booklets are digitally printed on our state of the art Xerox Digital printers. Each year we invest heavily in new printing equipment to ensure we maintain the highest level of print quality and capacity to meet our customer needs. Exclusively using Xerox digital printers we can colour match across our suite of presses ensuring accuracy and quality of colour replication.

Customer Reviews

Why Booklet Printing is Better than Digitial Advertising

In a world where Google ads are a popular advertisement channel, the traditional methods like booklet printing still haven’t lost their charm. In fact, they are more engaging than digital advertisements and easily grab customer’s attention as well. Booklet printing is also an effective way to educate customers about your latest products and services in a highly comprehensive way. In addition to things, when you print the booklet for marketing, the experience is completely authentic for the customers.

What Makes Kaizen Print the Best Booklet Printing Service Provider

We have been in the business for the better part of a decade now. We understand the potential of the quality of a booklet and that’s why ensure to offer high-quality booklet design that engages the customers. We have best-in-class Xerox digital printers that allow us to maintain the highest print quality of the booklet. It is our expert designing team and state of the art equipment that allows us to deliver colour replication, top quality, and high accuracy.




Artwork Templates

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