It is truly astounding that a customer on quite simply the opposite side of the planet, can place an order with us and have it delivered to another part of the UK. All within 48 hours. But it happens all the time and we are very fortunate to work with businesses all across the world. Not only does it show we have a presence outside the UK & Ireland, but it gives us a super insight into how business is conducted within many other nations. Last month, Auckland Council, yes Auckland in New Zealand were exhibiting at a show in London and we were given the opportunity to provide all their printed marketing materials and graphics for their stand. The 2.5m metre tall vinyl graphics were applied to the inside of the trade show booth Auckland Council were using for the event. The result, outstanding, cost effective trade show graphics, that were turned around in record time and shipped to London overnight. Auckland Council were here in the UK to promote New Zealand and of course Auckland itself as a number 1 opportunity for people looking to move to the country for work or retirement. The quality of life they are promising sounded fantastic and I know personally that anyone who has moved there, only has good things to say about New Zealand and the nationals. Technical Babble Our Vinyl stickers are printed onto a high quality vinyl using an 8 ink system. By using the highest quality inks, materials and print settings, we can realistically print photo quality images on media that will withstand wind, water and outdoor elements for a significant period of time. We print our vinyl stickers in 1 metre x 1 metre strips, so we can accommodate the smallest of orders. Also available on request is custom cut stickers. Using our Roland 540 print and plot printer, we have the ability to create custom cut stickers to any shape and almost all sizes (limited to 1.3m in width). Custom cut stickers are suitable for many uses and provide a cost effective alternative for die cutting large runs of screen printed or litho printed stickers. Some examples of custom cut stickers include: Rugby ball shaped car bumper sticker No Entry / No Exit signs Toilet Door graphics Food Labelling stickers Shop window graphics Taxi Wraps Opening Hours Contravision [youtube>46H3ytNJ2Ao[/youtube> The uses of printing on vinyl are endless, so if you have an idea and you want to run in past us to check the most efficient way of doing it, please do get in touch on 028 9002 2474 or drop an email across via the Contact Us page