The paperless revolution has enriched business marketing in so many ways. From social networks allowing you to interact with customers anytime to websites which allow potential clients to see exactly what you can offer them. However, it’s not perfect. At Kaizen, our speciality is print media and we believe these are the pros and cons of keeping your marketing print.

PRO: DON’T Click here NOW

We’ve all seen them. Those really irritating pop-up ads which make outrageous claims like they can “get you ripped in six weeks” or “Doctors hate how she can defeat wrinkles” or “Take these and add a couple of extra inc..” anyway, you get it. They’re annoying and they lack credibility which doesn’t lend itself well to the credibility of online ads in general. The good thing about print is that these don’t exist, you get your point across without all that mess.

CON: That many people can’t be wrong

There are over a billion people who use Facebook. 320 million who use Twitter and so on. We can’t imagine there are many businesses who want to print that many leaflets - much as we may appreciate it. Digital marketing has the power to reach more people in a shorter amount of time.

PRO: Targeted marketing

There’s no disputing that digital marketing has the power to reach a much wider audience than print marketing by sheer exposure alone. For example, more people are likely to see an advert on Facebook or Twitter than they are to see a print ad. But if yours is a niche industry, there’s a high chance your own promotion will get lost in the shuffle. With print advertising, you control where it goes and who sees it.

CON: Move with the times

You might be in a niche industry, but unless it’s so niche that it isn’t even on the internet, which lets face it is highly unlikely, a focus on print over digital marketing might be seen as slightly outdated. Most companies, no matter their business make use of the online community in some way, so using print marketing might separate you from the competition in the wrong way..

PRO: A tech detox can be a good thing

The chances are the sort of people you are trying to market to have just spent their 9-5 in front of a computer screen. It’s probably a safe bet then that, after work, a good percentage of them don’t even want to think about opening another tab or document or spreadsheet or even remember that a computer exists. Rather than constantly encouraging them to visit your website, give them something they can read, that they can actually touch. They’ll be much more likely to read it.

CON: People are glued to their phones

Even people who’ve been doing this all day want to shut off after they’re done. So having a piece of paper shoved into theIr hands is only likely to end up in one place - The bin. Besides, who wants to read about some company if there’s that funny cat video everyone has been talking about to watch.

A balance approach to your marketing across all channels is always recommended. Supplementing a facebook advertising campaign with some leaflet printing in the offline arena is always recommended. With our digital printing technology you can tailor your campaign to specific markets and only print what you need. Digital printing can save you significant sums on money on a variety of marketing campaigns. Get in touch with us on 028 9002 2474 and let us talk you through the process.