One of my favourite products we sell is our Media Wall. It is so for a variety of reasons: They are easy to install in seconds The single print graphic looks unbelievably sharp Media walls by their nature provide a super marketing presence The cost has come down significantly in previous years I’ll take a few seconds to expand on each point as I really do feel these new exhibition stands are head and shoulders above old 3x3 or 3x4 pop up stands that have been used for decades. A media wall should make those ancient units obsolete. Our media walls come ready with graphic installed. Looking at the photo below you can see that within the packaged unit, the graphic is already placed on the system. From taking the unit out of the box, to having the stand up and ready for presentation takes less than 3 minutes. Personally I’ve done it in less, but I was running very late for an event. Take down is equally as quick as the fabric /unit are super light. This can be done by one person also! We use a 5m wide sub lamination printer to create photographic quality on fabric. It is nothing short of speculator and while the media walls are not really to be viewed from up close, the text is legible at 14pt right up in front of the design. It therefore allows for super detail in text & imagery to ensure your product and services are shown in the best light. In the photo below of Feile Belfasts Boat Exhibition you can see the level of detail the media wall can showcase. Due to their size, a huge room can become much smaller and intimate with the investment into a media wall. Whether you are hosting a trade show, a marketing event, a corporate dinner or sporting event media walls are the best exhibition stand you can choose. Over the past 5 years this relatively unused concept has become much more widespread in its use and the result has been that costs have come down significantly. To have a chat to us about a media wall for your business, please do get in touch via the contact form or on 028 9002 2474. We’d love to chat to you.