Gaining new customers is infinitely harder and more expensive to continually maintain. Gaining repeat business is one of the easiest ways to increase your turnover, so turn first time customers into regulars with our great value loyalty cards. Loyalty cards are the perfect marketing tool for cafes, restaurants, hair salons or anywhere where customers buy the same product on more than one occasion. By promoting repeat business, you will promote loyalty to your brand and the added upside of further sales whenever the customer is in-store. Reward a customer for their repeat business and you will undoubtedly see more sales as a result. With small business marketing being a passion and over 30 years combined experience within Kaizen, we know what works and of course what doesn’t. Loyalty cards have consistently been one of the top performing marketing tools our clients have undertaken and even if they are not used everyday by clients, their reward for loyalty is undoubtedly well received. We have a two brilliant paper options available for loyalty cards including Silk and Uncoated. If you plan on stamping the cards with a rubber stamp we recommend the uncoated stock as with its porous nature, the ink sets a lot quicker and doesn't rub off as easily. Below is a sample of the work we have completed for some other clients who are using these amazing little cards to generate and retain more business. If you want to talk to us about designing loyalty cards for your business, get in touch. We’d love to help.