One of my personal highlights at Offset , Dublin the weekend past was the extremely cool screen printing stand hosted by Damn Fine Print, Dublin’s version of the Belfast Print Workshop. / Damn Fine Print Studio is BLOCK T's new community print studio in Smithfield Square Dublin. Their mission is to provide affordable, non committal access to workspace and industrial grade equipment and tools, education through workshops, classes and seminars and to provide a platform for a community of printers and designers to showcase their talents. Take it from me, these guys are masters of their craft and over the weekend, they printed artwork from some of the speakers directly onto notebooks for us all to take home. Sample below borrowed from their twitter feed. Another highlight from the DFP team was indeed their Media Wall which captured everyones attention as they walked through the doors of the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. Entitled “Print is Dead”, subtitled “Long Live Print” (by me), the striking image and message was no doubt captured and understood by all in attendance. Damn Fine Print are the superheroes of screen printing in Ireland. Personally I cant wait for my next trip to Dublin to pop in to the workspace and have a great look around myself.