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Wedding Menus

Wedding Menus

26 October 2016 13:31:00

Wedding menus are often a last minute thought for many of our clients, as initially they feel that they may not need them or that a venue supplies nicely designed and printed menus - however upon a final walk through or chat with venue, a lot of brides and grooms to be then decide to either take the step to get some printed or else personalised to be a bit more inkeeping with their wedding colour scheme and/or theme. 

So what options do you have with wedding menus? The content for menus will list all your courses and any wines and beverages being provided, and will often incorporate a colour scheme or font which carries on from any other stationery items printed on or before the day, such as place cards, table names and number cards and your table plan. This keeps everything consistent for you and just adds that extra touch to the table settings. 

In terms of size and paper style for your menus, there’s really no standard size and style, as this is very dependent on your table set up and sometimes people decide to go a little different paper wise on the menu for it to stand out. Some popular menu sizes however would be a long third A4 size and sometimes even an A5 or an A6. A lot of people want the menus sometimes to fit in somewhere or in a napkin setting. In terms of card, we’ve had a lot of clients recently going for a simple black font on kraft card for their menus for the time of year and on the other side of the spectrum, if your design and feel is simple, modern and elegant, a 350gsm silk gives a beautiful sheen of the menus.  

So what’s our advice? We know there are a lot of weddings over the Christmas break this year, and we’d advise you allow plenty of time for your wedding day items, as many design and print studios close over the holidays,  so ask your venue and think to yourself about items such as menus well ahead of the day itself so save you any stress or hassle. The same goes even if your wedding is not during a holiday period, save the panicked order and get ahead of the game! You’ll appreciate it in the long run. 

If your wedding day is fast approaching or if you are still thinking about items for the big day and need a bit of help with both design and print, just give us a call or email! The best way to contact us is or 028 90022474 and one of our Kaizen Weddings team will be more than happy to assist with your enquiry. We also welcome any walk in consultations or can arrange phone or email consultations in advance. 

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Kaizen Weddings Guide to ordering your stationery!

One of the most popular questions we get here at Kaizen Weddings is how does the ordering process actually work for getting your wedding stationery, be it for design and print, or  for print only, so we thought it would be a good idea to let you all know how we work here at Kaizen Weddings!

Getting in touch and consultations

At Kaizen Weddings, our clients make first contact in all different ways, ranging from face to face and phone consultations, to email and Skype calls. Working with brides and groom to be throughout the UK, we understand that a face-to-face consultation isn’t always possible or practical, so we’re happy to take your brief and requirements in any form that suits you best!

Finding out what you want!

When you’re first making contact or enquiring about wedding stationery, it’s great for us if you can show us any visuals of anything you have seen that you like. With our clients, this can range from screenshots of Pinterest pages, Instagrams posts or an invite that they have received in the post that they love. Some things we chat about in a consultation would include: 

• Design, do you require a bit of help getting your artwork set up for print or want something specifically designed, or do you have your artwork ready to go and you can go straight to print? 
• Print - Size, quantities and card preferences for your invites
• Deadlines and dates - what date do you want to get your invites posted out and do you have your content and guest list all ready to go?

Order Confirmation and proofing 

Once we have had a chat with our potential clients and know what they want, the next step is us sending a quotation out to you. If you are happy to proceed, then we get this order confirmed on our system, sort out deposit with you and get to work! If you are getting design, then we will email you out proofs and ensure you are happy before print, if you are going straight to print, then this is then passed over to our print team and then we carry out our magic! 

Printing and Order Pick Up

Our printing of wedding stationery normally takes maximum time 1 week on average, sometimes if you are getting additional items such as foil blocking, then this can take a little longer. Once your order is ready, then we will email you to let you know that your order is either ready for collection or to be dispatched. 

We hope you found this short guide to ordering your stationery useful! If you are starting to plan your wedding and would like to discuss stationery, please feel free to call in and see us or just drop us a call or email on 028 9002 2474 or with what you are looking for and we will either contact you for a quick chat on what you are looking for or if a full brief is provided, then be in touch with a quotation.



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International Print Day 2016

International Print Day 2016

19 October 2016 08:33:24

With 18th October being International Print Day, today is like Christmas within all the printers in Belfast. Not only is the localised trade celebrating all that is great with print, but the hashtag #IPD16 is instigating conversations among graphic designers, marketers and printers all around the world.

This annual event which grips the trade each and every year celebrates print in all its formats and the reach it has around the world in both traditional and new media formats. We’ve recently found out that last year, the IPD15 hashtag was used over 27 million times during the International Print Day event and this is an extremely  positive sign for a trade that some say is dying. We however like to say “PRINT IS NOT DEAD, LONG LIVE PRINT”.

We’re super excited to be involved with this years IPD and will be communicating with our partners, customers and peers from the printing trade around the world. In fact if you are reading this and want to tweet out to our partners @samedayprint in Melbourne, I’m sure Tom and the team would be very keen to hear from our Kaizen Print, Belfast customers.

Speaking about International Print Day 2016, our Managing Director Connor McAuley had this to say: “The evolution of Print through the centuries is fascinating and with the advent of digital printing technology, we are experiencing unbelievable breakthroughs in quality, speed and price. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to be at the forefront of this cutting edge technology and to bring the culminating results to the designers, marketers and entrepreneurs of Belfast.”

“We’re proud to work with printing partners all around the world this #IPD16 to build the awareness and understanding of print.”

International Print Day 2016 runs from 9am on Wednesday 19th October for 24 hours.

Kaizen Print are an independent printers in Belfast serving businesses, individuals and charities all across Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and right across the UK as a whole. We offer all manner of print, from large format, digital and litho printing with print being produced right here in Belfast. We are focused on quality, price and customer service, with our core competency in ensuring our customer base get the right print for their needs with each and every order.

For customers near and far we have an experienced and willing to help customer service team who can present multiple print options for your project within a few minutes. To get in touch with our team, please contact 028 9002 2474 or you can email us via our contact form on

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7 Important Tips On Promoting Your Event

16 October 2016 10:24:22

If you’re a business owner looking for tips on how to promote your event, Kaizen Print is here to help. When utilising your marketing spend, it is essential to know what works and what doesn’t, so as to avoid costly expenses and ensuring your get the best value for your money.

Marketing events are a great opportunity to start with, but the associated costs can be quite expensive in comparison to the projected return. To help you along the way, here are 7 important tips on promoting your event to maximise it’s potential.

1. Have incredibly well-designed posters

This one is vital. If you don’t take your marketing material seriously, then how do you expect your customers to do so. Having incredibly well-designed posters is a key to jumpstart your event. Promoting with a beautiful poster captures your target market’s attention and leaves a lasting impression. A top tip is to ensure you get your posters printed well in adavance of the event, giving you ample time to distribute these and for potential visitors to view and take action based upon them.

We can print posters in short runs, or in larger quantities and our 24 hour turnaround on poster printing in Belfast is a huge hit with many of our clients. Our state of the art digital printers, can turn your order round in lightning fast speed.

2. Speak in volumes

The larger your sign, the better. If you can afford to create large advertisements, go big or go home. Capture as much of your potential audiences attention with our large format printing  including: PVC banners, roll-up banners and forecourt overbags. Each of these printed products can provide you the exposure you need indoors and outdoors, without breaking the bank.

3. Campaign early

To create a successful marketing event, you need to implement your campaign early. The ideal timeframe is would be 3-6 months prior to the event, but this all depends on the size of the event and the resources you have at hand. Don’t rush your marketing, but don’t leave it too late either as this causes considerable stress, especially when other activities need your tending as the event approaches.

Our small format printed products such as flyers, business cards, invitations and coupons are perfect to create a huge buzz before your major launch. Think of all the stakeholders in your event and not just the visitors. The press, exhibitors and speakers all present a huge opportunity for yrour 

4. Use social media to its fullest

If you want to create more buzz for your event, aside from the printed products, you may also want to use social media to create significant awareness of your event. We highly recommend the use of boosted posts and our team of designers have crafted these for many brands all across Belfast. The use of Facebook ads, Twitter campaigns, Google Adwords, Instagram and other channels are all sensible opportunities to create a huge awareness of the event.

5. Your newsletter is your best friend

Businesses tend to overlook the power of newsletters. But even is your lists is small and you only  have say, 50 to 100 subscribers, if they are the right type of subscriber, then they can be  it’s enough to announce your event to this list.

Making your existing customers feel that they’re the first to everything creates exclusivity and in return converts to a sale.

To create that VIP feeling, encourage your customers with gift vouchers and loyalty cards. This way, they’ll be returning to your business frequently and will establish your brand as a friendly expert to them.

6. Brand image is everything

Make sure that there is consistency to your brand. From loyalty cards to menus down to table cards and packaging labels, each item represents your business and should be carefully considered to ensure the right message is presented in the  best graphical manner

If you create a beautiful brand image, you appear professional and this is a positive opportunity to focus to your target market. This positions your brand as a forefront runner against your competitors who do not invest in their branding.

7. Thank your customers

Have you ever been into a shop before and bought a lot only to learn there is no reward? Or a business event where you met the owners but did not hear a thank you after you’ve purchased from them?

That’s the feeling we want you to avoid.

Creating a warm, embracing feeling makes your customers excited and happy. By doing so, you are fostering that your brand is approachable and trustworthy. Know how to say thank you to your customers by sending them personalised thank you cards like ours.

Now that you’ve seen all the 7 important tips on promoting your event, don’t forget to trust Kaizen Print on reliable and quick printing. Our bespoke and personalised service caters to any business field.

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Wedding Venue Decor

Wedding Venue Decor

12 October 2016 12:38:55

This last week at Kaizen Weddings we have had a lot of brides and grooms to be in planning and prepping for items for the wedding day itself - so for those of you who don't know what we can help you with in terms of print for your wedding venue, read ahead!

When you are doing some final viewings at your wedding venue with your co-ordinator or working with an external decor company, it's a great idea to ask questions of what printed decor they can or will provide for you, alonsgide the actual venue decor . This will save you any time or stress on rushing about getting last minute items that you thought were included, but wern't!

Lots of our clients love their design so much from their wedidng save the dates and invites, that they want to continute this theme and design throughout all their printed wedding day items and therefore go down the route of getting their table plans and menus etc. custom designed and printed.

Some items which Kaizen Weddings can provide to really set off a a beautiful venue, include:

- Bespoke Signage - custom phrases, personalised signs, welcome signs

- Table Plans

- Place Cards

- Table number and name cards

- Menus

  • Additional table accessories 

The above are just some of the items that we can carry out, and we pride ourselves on being able to design and print bespoke weddings day items to add the final touches to your wedding venue! Some recent projects that we have carried out, include a custom made table plan for a disney themed wedding, various wedding table setting tags and some lovely bespoke welcome signs for churches and venues to tie in with their wedding invites and the theme of their big day!

Should your big day be fast approaching and these items sounds like something you may be interested in or would like to find out more or have a bespoke project in hand, call in and see us! We welcome all walk in appointments or if you want to be super organised, please call or email us on 028 90022474 or 

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As I sit at my desk here in our Belfast print hub, a huge roll up banner printing order is just about to leave for all the Tesco stores across Northern Ireland. These banners are being distributed to all Northern Ireland based Tesco stores to promote their current recruitment drive for temporary staff this Christmas period.

At Kaizen Print, Belfast we offer 2 main roller banner options. Both are considered premium in the sense that we do not offer cheap roller banner printing, but more so great value high quality printing here in Belfast. So the two roller banner options are: Single Sided and Double Sided. The single sided roller banner is perfect for locations where traffic really is only arriving from one direction. This forward facing message allows all those travelling towards the banner display to be informed of the message in a unobtrusive yet easy to digest manner.

Double Sided Roller Banners add an additional graphic to the rear of the roller banner, so that traffic from both directions are presented with the message in a clear manner. As both graphics are printed independently of each other, if it suits your needs and that of the campaign, you can have completely different graphics on each side of the roller banner.

To create the perfect roller banner for printing within Kaizen Print, we suggest you design your banner at 850mm wide x 2000mm tall. To ensure we have enough bleed and grip to attach the banner to the mechanism, we advise all graphics are presented with a 100mm bleed at the bottom only. This allows us to accurately trim the banner and affix this to the stand while knowing exactly how well this will be finished each and every time.

Our premium roller banner printing happens in as little as 24 hours, sometimes sooner, however the standard leas time for the best value pricing is always a little longer at 48-72 hours. To order you roller banner, the steps are very simple.

  1. Visit and select the type of roller banner you want. Also confirm the lead time you are happy with and the quantity of roller banners you need for this project.
  2. Add this to your basket and proceed to checkout. Enter your details and that of delivery, if required. You can always collect your banner from our Lisburn Road office at no additional charge.
  3. After processing the payment, you will be presented with an order number and an artwork upload page. 
  4. Once uploaded, it’s over to us. If you have a professionally designed roller banner set up using our template, then we’ll be able to process super quickly. We’ll check from the common print issues and if nothing is presented, we’ll get this off to print right away
  5. Once ready, we’ll process for delivery or send you a quick email to let you know your roller banner is printed and ready for collection.

We’re always keen to see our print in it’s natural habitat, so if you have any photos of your roller banners being used at events or in-stores, please do send us a message via twitter or Facebook and we’ll re-share these to show off our work. We’re like proud parents tbf.

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Baby it’s cold outside

Baby it’s cold outside

6 October 2016 09:04:30


We print flyers for so many businesses and for an unbelievable amount of marketing activities, it’s impossible for us to look at them all. However when beautiful graphic design catches our eye, we’ll always stop and have a look at the artwork in a bit more detail.

If you’re not in the hospitality trade in Belfast, you’ll be forgiven for thinking Christmas is a long way off. However for the graphic designers in Belfast and the printers in Belfast as well as the hospitality trade, Christmas starts in July and concludes after the last guest finishes their dinner before they finish for the Christmas break.

Above is a great example of amazing design from Sort, a design agency in Belfast we have had the pleasure of working with from time to time. The “Baby it’s Cold Outside” design for the Christmas at Linen House campaign is not only simple but extremely effective in communicating the message that the Linen House is a high quality destination for dinner, drinks and entertainment over the festive period this Christmas. 

We had the pleasure of hitting up the Linen House ourselves last Christmas and we can certainly attest to the quality of the food and service. Both we top notch and nothing was too much trouble when serving our sizeable rabble.

This particular Christmas Flyer Printing was printed onto 350gsm uncoated card stock the solid purple has laid down perfectly on the card stock and is offset beautifully by the gold contrast text.

For those unaware of the Linen House, Belfast. This is the body of bars, nightclubs and restaurants  including:

  • Sweet Afton - Bar & Kitchen
  • The Perch - Rooftop Bar
  • Rita's Belfast
  • Chinawhite


All based right in the heart of the City Centre in Belfasts’ Linen Quarter, they are at the perfect destination for a small intimate gathering or a large crowd this Christmas. As their promotional flyer states, “Make it one to remember... for all the right reasons of course” and we think this flyer does it’s job perfectly and that is to inform entertain us while making our purchasing decisions.

At Kaizen Print we offer all types of flyer printing here in Belfast. From small A7 right up to A3, our flyers can help your business achieve all it’s goals throughout the remainder of this year. We have helped thousands of businesses in Belfast with flyer printing projects that are all specifically put in motion to help grow or steady their market share. This knowledge across multiple industries ensures, ensures our knowledges of many market sectors, not only our own is incredibly strong.

To discuss any of your own requirements for marketing, design and print, please do call us on 028 9002 2474 and speak to our customer service team. They’ll be in the best position to direct your call and to give you advice on your specific project. Alternatively if you you find it it easier and want to contact us via our Contact Form, we’re more than happy to assist via email also.

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Get 10% of your wedding stationery set!

Get 10% of your wedding stationery set!

5 October 2016 14:45:00


After running our hugely successful competition to win up to £250 worth of wedding stationery, to show our huge appreciation to those of you who showed an interest in getting your wedding stationery with us, we are now running a new offer to get 10% off your wedding stationery sets between now and Christmas!

For those of you who know Kaizen but don’t know about Kaizen Weddings, we thought this week we would give you a full run down of the full services we can provide for brides and grooms to be for before, during and after the wedding day, and indeed what you can get 10% discount on. 

Let’s start with your planning before the wedding day, and even before the invites go out. Some items you might already be thinking of, should you be newly engaged and have set a date, are save the dates and perhaps items such as be my bridesmaid cards. We can both design and print these items for you in a variety of designs and beautiful cards that are sure to make a first big impression of your wedding day to both your wedding party and guests! 

Once your wedding guests know the date and you’ve got your wedding party organised, wedding stationery items that you may then be thinking about that Kaizen Weddings can help you with include:

- Wedding day and evening invites
- RSVP Card
- Information Card
- Gift cards 

After you’ve sent all your beautifully designed and printed stationery  out and have received your rsvps back and have final numbers, you will then be starting to plan any printed items for the day itself. 

Sometimes venues may provide some stationery for the day, but we find a lot of our clients like to put their own stamp on their wedding day stationery. Items we include in our stationery sets for the actual day include: 

- Welcome signs
- Place Card
- Table plans
- Order of services

After the big day is over, the last item of stationery you will have to think about will be your thank-you cards. We can also include thank-you cards in our stationery sets, which can either tie in with the rest of your stationery design or photos designed with in keeping fonts are also extremely popular for our thank-you cards. 

Here at Kaizen Weddings, we can create bespoke stationery sets, so if there are items you perhaps don’t need or items you do need that you can’t see listed,  we are always more than happy to make up unique sets for our clients. Every bride and groom and wedding is unique and we pride ourselves on the bespoke elements of our work. 

If you are starting to plan your wedding - get in touch for a free consultation! Either call us on 028 9002474 or email us at Our studio is also open 9-5pm Monday - Friday and we welcome any walk-ins. 

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How to find Kaizen Print

5 October 2016 07:08:18


Being centrally located in the heart of Belfast City Centre, we are in the prime position to help all types of businesses, community groups, charities, students and all those in need of print for personal projects with high quality printing in Belfast.

We cater for all types of customers and our Lisburn Road headquarters lends itself to being right smack bang in the middle of pretty much everything, however if you are not familiar with the area it may be hard for you to find us among the array of high quality BT9 businesses. To combat this, our design studio has put together a little guide on how to find us from one of south Belfasts most well known buildings, Queens University. It’s literally just around the corner, about 30 seconds walk from our office, so if you know the uni and can make your way to the front of the building, then you’re only a few seconds from high quality, low cost printing in Belfast.

At Kaizen Print, Belfast, we are a small family run printers but as many have told us, we punch well above our weight by producing a large range of digital, litho and large format printing right here in our fair city. Coupled with our sister designer studio, Kaizen Brand Evolution we provide full service online and offline support for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business or to secure the market share they have already attained.

Coming from Queens University Belfast, Kaizen Print is situated on the Lisburn Road parallel to University Road. Taking Elmwood Avenue past the students union down to the Lisburn Road, take a right turn and we are approximately 200 yards towards Belfast City centre on the right hand side.

Alternatively for those coming from farther afield, we are less than half a mile from the Westlink’s Park Centre junction. This close proximity to all major motorways in Belfast affords us the super opportunity to work with customers all across Northern Ireland and further afield.

At Kaizen Print we can print all manner of printed products from business cards to posters, roller banners and PVC banners. Our area of business is predominately Belfast City Centre, however we service businesses as far away as Sydney and as close as next door. Regardless of distance travelled for our printing, our attention to detail and high quality, low cost printing will always remain constant.

If when looking for us you happen to get lost, you are always more than welcome to call us on 028 9002 2474 and we’ll happily give you directions to our office.



Comments | Posted in Printing By Leeanne Whitehead

We recently created a little video (which is shown below) to showcase the differences between printing using high quality imagery and that of low quality images. On Facebook we had a great reaction to this from many of our regular customers, especially our graphic design friends, but it was many of our customers and potential customers who got the most from this.

Often when creating designs for our customers, we’re presented with images that sadly would print in a manner that we would reject and our clients wouldn’t accept. Usually these are images “taken from the web” or found on Facebook and while they look fine on screen, when put into a format for printing, they are less than acceptable. Our clients respond with “my images are good on screen” or “it’ll do” but whenever they see the printing quality they are less than impressed. Digital media is completely different from printed media and as we address this question many times a week, we thought it best to bring this to a blog post to ensure we put the main points forward to help all our customers, designers or not with the issue of high resolution imagery versus low resolution images. It’ll be a roller coaster ride folks, so hang on in there.

What is a high resolution image?

To be high resolution, an image needs to be a minimum of 300 dpi. The dpi stands for dots per inch and this is how many dots are printed in a a 1inch x 1inch square. The more dots which are also known as pixels, the better quality the print. Anything under 300dpi is considered a low resolution image, however in various instances many people will find a 200dpi or 150dpi image suitable for purpose. We’ll always do our best to advise if we are unhappy with the quality of the image.

Images “taken from the internet” are usually 72dpi. This is the perfect resolution for screen use as they are quick to download and the quality doesn’t need to be as high. however with the advent of higher resolution screens such as the Apple retina 5k screens and fibre optic broadband becoming more standard you will see a much higher quality screen resolution become commonplace.

For reference, 72dpi is about 1/4 the quality of a 300dpi image. When printed a web image or 72dpi image will look pixelated (jaggy or blocky). 

As a company we do our very best to spot low resolution images before printing however it is the responsibility of our clients to provide print ready artwork. As a general rule, images form Facebook or the internet are not suitable for high resolution printing. 

Our graphic design studio in Belfast Kaizen Brand Evolution counteract the opportunity for low resolution imagery by sourcing images from subscriptions sites such as istockphoto or shutterstock. While not the cheapest of options, they both provide access to millions of images which are great for hundreds of thousands of purposes and better than that, they are all high quality, high resolution, “for print” images.

If you ever have any questions regarding your images, please do feel free to contact us. Our artworking team have seen it all before




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