Corporate Brochures – Are they Still Relevant?

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For businesses working the trade rather than directly to the consumer, there are a few differences in approach. Businesses advertising their services to other businesses tend to assume a certain level of understanding in regards to the area in which they are working. 

For instance, a supplier of chefs equipment might go into more detail about the knives they sell than a supplier selling directly to the public. A chef might want to know the knife blade length, the type of edge, handle material and so on, whereas the average home cook might not require so much information. 

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Another difference between businesses supplying the consumer versus businesses supplying other businesses is in their approach to marketing. Typically, B2B suppliers have been slower to adapt to digitalising their online presence. Many trade-based suppliers have relied upon existing customer relationships to build-up and maintain business. This being said, the vast majority of trade-based businesses now have a website and rely heavily upon it for raising awareness of their services. So where does this corporate brochure fit into all of this?

Corporate brochures versus website

If all of your products and services can be displayed on your website, is there any need to repeat this information in a print brochure? Websites can now display products in near-perfect resolution at a 360-degree angle that can be flipped and reversed, saved and moved at the click of a button or the tap of a touchscreen. So why would there be any requirement to see this in a printed format? Surely this would require a whole lot of wasted time and effort, right? Wrong. Printed corporate brochures still have a place for businesses, and here’s why…

They can be read like a book or magazine

Websites are great if you want to purchase something quickly and don’t want to hang around for very long. They don’t, however, come so naturally if you want to spend a little bit of time browsing. A corporate brochure is intended to be read in more detail and to have a little more time spent with it. A brochure can be picked up whenever the recipient wants to look at it, and it can remain on a desk waiting for a moment of distraction. A website, on the other hand, serves a more functional purpose. Your customers are unlikely to look you up while passing a bit of time. More likely they will think of your website when they need a quick purchase of something. A corporate brochure offers a more personal approach than this. 

They can be nice to look at

There’s something about high-resolution photography in print that is difficult to match when viewing on a screen. While phones and desktops offer fantastic opportunities for displaying images and engaging videos, it’s just not quite the same as a really great image in a brochure. 

They can be used as points of reference

If your customers supply your products directly to their customers then your brochure might be an excellent point of reference for them. Similarly, it may provide a means for your customers to communicate what you have to offer with stakeholders within their own business. Whatever it is, corporate brochures are made for sharing and communicating and tend to live for longer in the minds of your customers than a link to a website. 

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