Steps to digitally printing your business cards

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Business cards remain a fantastic way to reach out to your customers and leave a fantastic first impression. It is an absolute necessity however that your business card is of a high standard of design, and that the quality of print doesn’t let you down. When it comes to your business card it is best to have no business card at all than to present a cheap looking alternative with a poor quality print or design. A nice looking and high quality business card on the other hand is a fantastic asset for you and your business, and can really create a positive impression all round. 

So how do you ensure that your business cards do you justice? Well, it comes down to the design and layout of your card, the material you choose to print on, and which print provider you choose to do the job. Ultimately, if you want the job done well, then you’ll want to go with a print provider that you can trust. At Kaizen Print we will always work with our customers to only produce the very best design and print work possible, and always working within the means of your budget. We will also give you honest and open advice if we think that any particular element of your design may negatively affect the final outcome of your printed business cards, and we will work every step of the way with you to ensure that the final outcome meets and surpasses all of your expectations. 

With this in mind, here’s a brief glimpse into the steps involved when it comes to digitally printing your business cards

Step 1. Understanding your specifications

At Kaizen Print we will work with you to ensure that we know exactly the specifications that you require for your business cards. You might not know exactly how you want your business card to look, and you probably don’t know the more technical elements involved and required when it comes to the design and print of your business cards, and that’s fine too. We will prompt you with what we need from you and any help you require along the way, we are more than happy to help out. 

Step 2. Helping with your design

If you are undecided about how you want your business card to look, or which material you think would work best for you, we can discuss your options with you and come up with a solution that you are happy with and that suits your objectives. As design and print experts we have helped many businesses to increase the effectiveness of their sales collateral by providing expert advice based on first-hand experience. If you’d like us to take care of the design of your business cards completely then our design team will also be more than happy to help out here. As part of the design process we will consider the following elements which will make a difference when it comes to the materials that we opt for;

  • Do you want single or double sided business cards
  • Are the business cards going to have standard or rounded corners
  • Are they going to be printed as our Standard, Luxury or Kraft options

Step 3. Choosing your finish

How we format your business card will depend on the nature of the design, and also the material that you opt for. At this stage we will make considerations such as; 

  • Whether or not you’d silk or uncoated finish to your business cards
  • Will it have a matt or unlaminated finish 
  • Again, is it a Standard, Luxury or Kraft business card

Our high quality standard business cards are digitally printed using our state of the art printing technology, and can be produced to an exceptional standard of print and turned around within less than 24 hours with express delivery!

Step 4. Formatting for print

Once you’re happy with the design of your business cards we can work on formatting it so that it is ready to print. At this stage, if we notice anything that might compromise the print of your business cards we will flag this to you, and explain the necessary steps required to correct the issue. 

Step 5. Digital Printing

The next step after this is to get printing! Printed on our cutting edge in-house Xerox Versant digital printers our range of standard business cards are second to none when it comes to quality and value for money. With this digital printing technology we are able to provide industry leading turnaround times with a quality and colour replication that is comparable to a litho print. 

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you with your business card printing you can visit our business cards page, get in contact via our contact form, or email us on [email protected]