Using Print Marketing to Maximise Awareness

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Print marketing is a fantastic way to raise awareness of your products or services. Whatever your business, whether you work in financial services, in the media or you are an FMCG company, print marketing can play a pivotal role in your marketing efforts. If you sell to the trade then print marketing such as booklets and brochures are a great way to tell your prospective clients a little more about your brand. If you sell directly to consumers then A5 flyers could be the perfect way to get them excited about what it is you have to offer. There really is no end to the possibilities available to businesses in raising awareness via print marketing.

So how does it work?

Print marketing isn’t new. Marketers have been using print for generations upon generations as a means of getting the word out. And there’s a reason for it – it works. In spite of the advent of the internet and the huge pace of change, this has brought to the marketing industry, print remains a fantastic means of raising awareness. Print is a very flexible and adaptable form of advertising. Whether your objective is to tell a story about your brand, paint a picture of how fabulous it is, or simply to get people to call you as quickly as possible, print can do it all. In a world of digital consumption, print can also help to cut through the noise by giving your audience something tangible to read and engage with. 

Tell a story with brochures

One of the ways in which print can help to raise awareness is by providing your audience with a different way to engage with your brand. As a general rule, online marketing isn’t intended to be read at great length or in great detail. Brochures and booklets are a great way to go into more depth about what you have to offer. And if what you have to offer is difficult to sum up in a few sentences, then all the better! 

Get an immediate response with flyers

If you want something a little snappier and to the point, then flyers can help to get the phones ringing. Ensure you have an enticing offer and combine this with a strong call to action and a means of contact and you’ll see the difference it can make to your marketing efforts.

Increase repeat interactions with loyalty cards

Printed loyalty cards will ensure that your customers come back again and again to your brand and services. Loyalty cards are also a great way to increase awareness as the more satisfied your customers are the more likely they are to pass on their recommendations to friends and family. 

Advertise a local event with posters

Simple posters placed in high traffic areas can be a fantastic way to spread the word about an event you may be holding in the local area. Posters are a cost-effective and personal form of advertising that can be very powerful if used in the right way. 

Increase brand awareness with printed branding

Whether via letterheads or business cards, ensuring that you clearly brand all of your associated work materials can make all the difference to your marketing efforts. 

Kaizen Print

So, while print marketing has been around for a very long time, it remains an incredibly effective way to raise awareness of your brand or business. Far from being an old or tired form of advertising, the best marketers are always thinking of new and exciting ways to take advantage of all of the amazing possibilities available with print. To find out how you can benefit from print marketing you can get in touch today via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.