Print Marketing- Why it Will Always Be Relevant

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Print will always be relevant to sales and marketing

Sales and marketing has evolved so quickly and radically over the last 20 years that businesses are barely recognisable in the way that they operate in comparison to before this period.

And this trend shows no sign of letting up. As technology advances on a daily basis, marketers and sales members are required to keep up with the unrelenting pace and adapt to this constant change.

Digital marketing has rightly become central to all businesses in their attempts to keep up with this change. In their attempts to keep up with this pace of change, however, many businesses can forget the power that print still holds when it comes to sales and marketing. 

Print advertising is often, wrongly thought of as being an out-dated and old-fashioned means of advertising. And in there attempts to keep up with the pace of technological change, many businesses forget the power that print advertising still holds and how it might be able to supplement online efforts. Print marketing is still relevant for a number of reasons, including; 

  • Brand awareness
  • A point of reference in sales materials and for sales teams
  • As part of integrated print and digital campaigns
  • Because it is not digital

Print offers a tangible connection to your brand

While digital marketing is an extremely effective form of marketing for numerous reasons, it cannot match the tangible connection that can be achieved with print marketing. Whether it is a flyer, a brochure, a poster, or a branded calendar, there is something about printed branding and advertising that feels more personal than advertising online. Being able to feel the pages of flyer, or flick through a booklet, provides an experience that cannot be replicated when reading the same material on a phone or desktop. 

Print enables sales teams

While sales materials can all be made available online, again, having something printed increases the connection between sales and their advertising materials and between the customer too. Providing sales teams with printed materials to display products and services to customers, or for their own personal training and understanding is a great way to engage them and to help them develop. Used in combination with digital materials, print remains a powerful sales tool.

Integrated Campaigns

Print and digital are often thought of as somehow being mutually exclusive. Nothing could be further from the truth. Investing in print marketing and advertising doesn’t mean that you are behind the times (far from it). Used effectively, marketers that use print marketing tend to be the more savvy operators. Encourage recipients to interact with your print marketing by offering scannable content or by driving them to specific campaign URL’s. Print marketing should always be considered in combination with your digital efforts. 

Print is effective because it is not digital

While print marketing should always be considered in combination with any digital marketing campaigns you have running, ultimately the appeal and effectiveness of print marketing is precisely because it is not digital. In a world where virtually everyone is online and connected in some way, print marketing and advertising offers a refreshing change to sales teams, marketers and customers alike. 

While it can often seem not to be the case, your customers are not on their phones 24/7. For even the most avid technology users, there will be times in which they look up or away from their phones and interact with the real world. If you aren’t considering interacting with your customers while they are off their phones, then you are missing an opportunity. Not only is your audience available for receiving communications, but in many instances, they are more likely to engage with your advertising simply because they are not interacting with it on a screen. 

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