Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Business Cards

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In a world where there is no shortage of means to connect with one another, a cheap and flimsy business card is not going to cut the mustard when it comes to making the right impression with your clientele or business associates. If you are looking for a quick, cheap and easy way to connect with relevant people within your business circle then we’d suggest simply connecting via linkedin or passing your contact details over by phone or email. Where a business card is effective however is in its quality of connection. 

high quality business card tells the recipient the following about who you are and what you do;

  • You care about first impressions
  • You are professional 
  • Your business is professional
  • What you have to offer is high quality
  • You care about the connections you make

Having a low quality or cheap business cards on the other hand can have the opposite effect. A cheap business card can make you look;

  • Unprofessional
  • Like a cheap product or service
  • Like you lack care in first impressions
  • Out of touch

The whole point of a business card is to gain trust with the important people that you meet. The simple function of passing on your details is no longer needed, and to pass on a poor quality business card is to misunderstand the whole transaction that is taking place. 

high quality business card on the other hand, tells the person that is receiving it, that you care enough about your connection with that person enough that you are willing to spend a little extra on developing it. It also tells the recipient how you go about your business. If you present an attractive and high quality business card (rightly or wrongly), you will naturally come across as an individual that is both more professional and more focused on the details, than the contrary, which instead looks unprofessional and lacking in attention to the finer details. 

What makes for a high quality business card? 

high quality business card is not just one that you pay more for, it is one that has certain traits. It is still possible to pay a high price and end up with a cheap looking business card. Here’s what to look for in a high quality business card;

  • A higher quality, thicker material
  • A high quality print finish 
  • A nice overall design 
  • Appropriate info and contact details
  • A high quality colour finish

You can spend more on a business card and still end up with a cheap looking final product if your design isn’t right. If you try to include too much information on your business cards, it can start to become overcrowded and unattractive to look at. Similarly if the design of your business card is inconsistent or unprofessional looking, it can have a negative effect on the overall look and feel of the card. 

When designing your business cards, you should instead try to ensure that you keep it as clean, simple and free from unnecessary information as is possible, and instead concentrate on a few embellishing touches just to bring it to life a little – maybe a gold trim, or something like that, just to lift it and give it that x-factor. 

You’ll also want to ensure that you use a high quality material. There is nothing worse than a flimsy or cheap material when it comes to business cards. You want your business card to be considered too good to just throw out, and to ensure that your valued recipient does not simply toss it in the bin, you’ll need to provide that extra little bit of quality. 

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