Compliment Slips & The Benefits of Using Them

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There are a number of reasons why you might want to invest in compliment slips.

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In business, we are consistently communicating with clients and customers. Compliments slips offer a personal touch to your service and provide a practical solution for any informal communication. They are particularly useful for example in situations where you wish to apply a brief branded note but do not want anything as formal as a letter. Being able to hand-write a message to your customer’s tells them that they are not simply an unknown name in a huge database. A hand-written compliment slip in contrast shows that you value their custom enough to send a personal note in relation to the service you have provided them. 

Some examples of uses for compliments include;

  • In accompaniment to requested items, i.e. promotional brochures
  • After the completion of a service, i.e. fitting a gas meter
  • In conjunction with an invoice or bill of payment

Whatever purpose a compliments slip can fulfil for your business, a compliments slip can go a good way to leaving your recipients feeling positively towards your brand. 

Get Personal

First and foremost, compliments slips add a personal touch to everything that you do. Your customers know that you aren’t going to spend your whole day writing compliments slips. They understand that this seemingly simple act is one that puts them in a select group of customers. If you are a small business it gives you an advantage over larger corporate companies who cannot match the same level of personalisation. If you are a large business it tells your customers that out of the many hundreds or thousands of customers you have, that they have chosen you, in particular, to leave a hand-written note to. In either circumstance, the reaction of your customer is sure to be a positive one. 

They’re handy to have around

There are numerous situations where a compliments slip might come in handy. If a customer requests contact information for example, or maybe they’re after one of your booklets or additional sales materials. You might need to post out changes to your business or let customers know about a sale you have on. You may not have any business cards to hand, or you may even use them instead of business cards. The versatility of a simple compliments slip means that if ever you are stuck for a piece of branded contact information you will always have something to hand. 

They’re quick

Compliments slips are intended for jotting down brief notes. As well as adding a personal touch to your communications, they can also provide a quick and easy way to seal a particular transaction. Not every business communication requires a formal letter. By jotting down a note on a compliments slip to communicate a particular message you can reduce the amount of time spent on menial letter writing. 

Reinforce your brand 

While compliments slips are intended to be informal they are also still professional. While they do not have the formality of a letter, they are far more professional than simply writing a message down on a scrap piece of paper. And, in contrast to the latter, they also offer the opportunity to reinforce your brand. Your customers will at first appreciate the note, and second of all recall your brand favourably because of the gesture and your branding. 

Kaizen Print

At Kaizen Print we are experts when it comes to helping you stand out from the crowd with outstanding printed materials. We offer high-quality cost-effective compliments slips that will help you put our best foot forward. To find out more you can visit our compliments slips page, or get in touch via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.