Personalising Your Business with Labels and Stickers

Sticker printing Belfast. Kaizen Print

Stickers are a fantastically simple yet effective means of advertising and branding. Stickers have a number of different benefits and a number of different applications. They can be used…

  • Outside to capture the attention of passers-by
  • Indoors to increase brand awareness and engagement within your premises
  • Or on your product packaging to personalise your service

Time to get personal

As well as being highly adaptable stickers are also very personal. Stickers are such a small piece of advertising that they are barely thought of as being advertising at all. This means that you get all the power of a piece of marketing, without the cynicism that can sometimes come with this on the behalf of your customers. 

Instead of bombarding your customers with a sales message, stickers are intended to add value to the interactions you have with them. And this is especially the case when it comes to product packaging. By adding a personalised sticker to your packaging you are telling your customers that the interaction is of value to you as a business. It essentially shows that you care. 

Combine this with the versatility and flexibility that they provide and stickers become a powerful prospect for all kinds of businesses big and small. Here’s some great examples of ways in which different business types can take advantage of stickers within their business. 

  • Independent food outlets on produce packaging
  • Event organisers on high-traffic areas in the vicinity
  • Cool clothes brands looking for brand resonance and recall
  • Delivery-based companies offering a personal touch

Where can you use stickers?

Stickers can be gifted to your customers or visitors to adorn their own personal belongings. They can be placed on virtually any surface, be it walls, floors or windows. Or you can add them to customers facing equipment such as laptops or trade-related machinery. 

Indoor printed stickers 

By adding stickers inside your premises you can add a flavour of your brand without needing to overhaul your interior design. As stickers are relatively cost-effective they also give you a little more leeway to have a bit of fun with messaging and play around with your brand a little more. Whether you opt for large are small stickers, there is plenty of scope to get creative and really show off your brand. 

Outdoor plotted stickers

Due to their durability, plotted stickers can be used indoors or outdoors. Ideal for Guerilla marketing, or to get the word out in the local area, plotted stickers offer a sense of cool and of intrigue. They tell passers-by that you don’t need to try so hard as to advertise on the side of bus shelters or billboards. Stickers tell passers-by that you want to engage with them on a more personal level – and they also have the added bonus of being a lot cheaper! For something a little different, plotted stickers can also be custom-shaped. Sell hot dogs? Then print your stickers in the shape of hot dogs!

Label printing

Whether to simply display your logo, give a message to your customers about what’s inside, or to tell a joke, labels are ideal if you want to add a personal touch to your packaging. Unlike printed branding, stickers offer more flexibility in regards to trying out new or different messages. They also appeal to a more humble kind of grass-roots marketing that can help to increase brand loyalty. 

At Kaizen Print we can help you create the perfect labels and stickers for your business needs. To find out more about how we can help you can visit our labels and stickers page or get in touch via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.