Top 6 Most Effective Print Marketing Tools to Expand Your Market

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Marketing is crucial for increasing leads, boosting sales & revenues, and expanding your market on a large scale. It is an integral aspect of your business and plays a supporting role to grow your business. Therefore, it should be at the top of your priority list. 

Generally, businesses and companies use different mediums of marketing to market their businesses and products & services in both local and global markets. They use both print and digital marketing tools. However, these days they highly prefer to use digital marketing tools instead of print marketing tools. It is so because digital technology has influenced the modern era a lot with its easiness and impactful solutions. It is also easy to use. And one of the biggest advantages of digital technology is that reaching out to a large number of potential customers has become super easy.

Considering all the advantages of digital technology, we put digital marketing tools at the top. But it doesn’t mean that print marketing tools are no use of. Print marketing tools have different values and importance. They have different characteristics, features, and benefits. 

Despite the dominance of digital technology all across the world, print marketing tools have the same values and importance. It shows that they cannot be replaced by digital marketing tools. And therefore, still, businesses and companies from all across the world prefer to use print marketing materials.

In this blog, we have compiled the top 6 most effective print marketing tools that you can use to expand your business on a large scale. Let’s take a look at those print marketing materials. 

Top 6 Print Marketing Tools


Brochures are the top form of print marketing tools. They may be the most effective print means of marketing. They exist today and will be existing to the bitter end.  

They are foldable paper documents or advertising materials that contain information related to a particular subject. Primarily, businesses and companies use this informative paper document as a promotional document to promote their business and products & services in the market.

They can be folded as a template, leaflet, and pamphlet. And sometimes, they can easily be carried into a pocket if they are small in size. The standard size of brochures are:

Length- Same as an A4 document

Width- Half of the width of the A4 document


Flyers are a form of paper advertisement. They contain some significant information, especially related to an event, awareness topic, advertisement, etc. They look very glossy and attractive to the eyes. Generally, they are one-time usable paper advertisements, handed out to individuals, and distributed in public places.

They are effective to grab the attention of people in one go and so they are very powerful print marketing material.  

Letterhead Papers

Letterhead Papers are not made with the purpose of marketing rather they are made to bring professionalism in business to business and business to clients’ communication. But still, they are indirectly effective marketing tools. 

They contain some useful information about the business including business name, name of the Managing Director, logo, slogan, watermark, physical address, contact details, and email addresses. These all information act as marketing materials and leave a long-lasting impact on clients’ and customers’ minds that help customers to recall the brand and business in the future. 

Letterhead Papers designers and letterhead printing work are very crucial to design an attractive and effective letterhead paper. 


A booklet is a small and thin book with fewer pages and a paper cover. It is generally a saddle-stitched (stapled) book used for marketing and promotional purposes. It can contain a lot of information because it has a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 48 pages. 

Primarily, it is used as a prospectus, instruction guide, informative document, storybook, report, etc. It is also a marketing tool as it is used by businesses as a promotional document. 

Generally, booklets are designed and printed by graphic designers and booklet printing companies. 

Business Cards 

These days people consider business cards a traditional means of marketing. Without any doubt, they are. But the noticeable thing is that they are still very effective to grab the attention of people.  

They are simply small-sized cards containing some general information about the business and its managing director. Generally, they contain the business name, name of the MD, photograph of the MD, logo, some high-resolution pictures of products, some high-resolution graphics of services, address details, and contact details. The best thing about business cards is that they can easily be carried into a pocket. 

Shelf Wobblers 

Shelf Wobblers are one of the most effective marketing tools as they are literally very powerful to grab the attention of customers and to influence their decision making. 

They are hangable printed materials. They come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Primarily, they are put or hung close to the shelves to promote particular products, particular offers, and particular brands. Mainly, you will see this type of print marketing materials in shopping malls, supermarkets, grocery stores, and other big outlets. 

These are the top 6 most effective print marketing tools. They are still on demand due to their different values and the ability to leave a powerful impact on customers’ minds. You should also use these print marketing materials to expand your business in both local and global markets.