Booklet Printing For Sales Teams

Booklet Printing

A4 Booklet Printing – We understand that booklet printing takes on many forms depending on your business type. They may be annual reports, magazines, product catalogues or even a presentation document. For us however one of the most popular and best uses of booklets is as a marketing and sales brochure to be used by your sales team.

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Today we want to give you some of our insights into why we think booklets are perfect for your sales team. We’ll also present some of our own tips to get the most for your design. Beyond that our Marketing Team will give you some insight on how to track the return on investment through digital codes and tracking links.

If after that you’ve decided booklet printing is right for your sales team, we’d be more than happy to look at your project for you. Simply get in touch with our customer service team via the contact form or call us on 028 9002 2474.

3 Reasons why booklet printing should be part of your marketing strategy

  • Booklets are your chance to shine – The great thing about booklets is that generally you’re not limited to space within a booklet. If you’ve decided to invest the time and commitment in to the project then adding extra pages to your booklet is a minimal investment increase. Booklets allow space to develop your content to suit the chosen market. Use of whitespace, photography and typography can benefit and create an engaging booklet to entice your customers.
  • Booklet printing  gets cheaper at scale – One of the main benefits of booklet printing is the scalability of the project. With increasing scale comes economies and these savings reduce the cost of the each individual booklet printed. It’s often just a cheap to get 2,000 booklets printed as it is 1,000 due to the set up costs and also the print method switching from digital printing to litho printing.
  • We’re not confined to large print runs – With the advent of digital printing technology (an area we have heavily invested in over the past 10 years) the large set up costs and minimum orders are a thing of the past. Want 50 booklets printed for a small event, absolutely no problem and you know what, we can have them ready in as little as 24hrs to boot!

How to track your Return on Investment within a printed booklet

There’s no doubt about it, booklet printing is analog and in a digital world it can often be overlooked. We must consider that booklets were a primary marketing medium before the internet and have continued to be so since. However digital campaigns allow us to track our return on investment through clicks and also tracked sales. To overcome this, we suggest you use some of the following options available to you to track conversions and link clicks through booklet printing

  • QR Codes – Personally I’m not a fan of these, but they deserve a mention in taking print to digital at the scan of a blip.
  • Unique Tracking URLS – This one is a favourite of mine and there a couple of steps to complete. The first is within Google Analytics. Add a unique tracking link within your analytics engine. This will look a bit unsightly and so the second step is to create a redirect on your site that mirrors your own domain url, or if you want to use a shortening service like or Googles own Shortner –
  • Print Only Discount Codes – Another favourite of tracking offline conversions is to include print only discount codes. These are codes you have utilised only in printed media, in this case within your booklet printing. This is then managed just as any other discount code you submit online or offline.

At we are experts in booklet printing and brochure printing. Since 2009 we have printed booklets for thousands of customers all across the country. If you want to discuss a project with our team we would be delighted to do so. Simply get in touch with us via the Contact page or on 028 9002 2474.