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Printing your restaurant menus may be the final step, but don’t let it be an afterthought. Once you’ve invested in a branded design that’s designed for success, you’ll want to see that quality carried through to the finished product. Visually appealing menus generate more sales, so make sure you carefully consider the design of your restaurant menu. 

If you are struggling with the design parts, we have a team of designers who are able to assist with this. We have designed hundreds of menus over the years and would be happy to discuss with you, your restaurant menu design.

Chefs and restaurateurs spend so much time and effort building the perfect menu, so it only makes sense to showcase your menu to the highest quality available. We’re here to provide fantastic service and spectacular quality for your restaurant menu printing needs. 

If you aren’t sure what menu will work best for your business, let us know using the contact form and we’ll be happy to help you choose the best option for your restaurant and your budget.

At Kaizen, there are a number of different menu printing options that you can choose from. Selecting the correct finish for your menu can be a daunting task when you haven’t done it before. 

So stick with us, and let us take you through the different types of restaurant menu printing options you can choose from; 

  1. Single use restaurant menu
  2. Un-laminated restaurant menus
  3. Laminated restaurant menus
  4. Heavy laminated menus

Single Use Restaurant Menus 

If your establishment is of the fast paced frame of mind, then perhaps our Single Use Menus would be the best option for you. Coming printed on 120gsm paper, they are cost effective, meaning they can be discarded after each use and replaced with a fresh batch, making them perfect for kids menus and colouring sheets.

Printed in sizings on either A4 or A3, and on 120gsm uncoated paper, they are perfect for those menus that will only get one use. The uncoated paper also makes them perfect for kids menus and colouring in sheets.

These products are litho printed, meaning you get nothing but the best quality when ordering in large quantities. We do however suggest not ordering any more than 2 months worth at any time, as items on menus change.

We have also written a blog post specifically about Single Use Menus and why they are gaining popularity during COVID-19. Just click here to read it.

Un-Laminated Restaurant Menus 

Are you in need of excellent quality menus that won’t cost a fortune? Then do we have the right product for you. On your choice of 350gsm Silk or Uncoated card, our un-laminated menus are printed in full colour on either 1 or 2 sides, making them perfect for a short-term menu option.

Here at Kaizen Print, we offer a quick and easy menu printing service, while also keeping the cost low, making sure your establishment always looks its very best. If you have your artwork ready, order today and have your menus delivered within 48 hours.

Laminated restaurant menus 

Printed on elegant 350gsm Silk coated or uncoated card, then to be laminated with your choice of 75 Micron gloss or Matt Lamination. These menus are durable, of the highest quality and easy to wipe clean. If you need a more heavy duty menu, have a look at our Extra Heavy Laminated option.

These menus are the perfect type of restaurants or cafes that require a bit more durability. Coming in sizes of either A3 or A4 and with your choice to be laminated in either 75 Micro gloss or matt lamination, you can rest assured that they will certainly take some beating before needing new ones.

If you are in need of a more hardcore option, take a look at our 250 micron matt laminated menus, which a lot of our clients choose.

Heavy Laminated menus 

If you need a menu that will survive the apocalypse, then we have the product for you. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration, but these are seriously tough menus that will stand up to even the most determined menu destroyers out there.

Printed on 350gsm silk and laminated with 250 micron matt laminate, these menus are amazingly heavy duty, and will last you a very long time; perfect if you have a set menu that doesn’t change very often.

Heavy Laminate Menus are a great option to make the most of your menu spend. These ultra heavy duty menus will withstand a lot of damage before looking past their best. Perfect for restaurants with a long term set menu, or for seperate lunch and dinner menus, they are used by some of Ireland’s best known restaurants.

Due to the long term use, they are well worth the initial cost as they often save you money over placing frequent orders for your menus. We’re proud to work with some of the best restaurants in Ireland to provide high quality, durable menus for their businesses.

To get in touch with our team, please visit our contact page or call us on 028 9002 2474. We’re more than happy to talk through any design or print project you may wish to undertake.