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Responsible Sourcing in the New Era of Hospitality

Over the past 10 years, there has been quite rightly a downward trend in the print of disposable menus for restaurants. Many of our customers favoured our extra heavy laminate menus, as these provide better value for money over the cycle of the menus life.

However, in light of COVID-19 the trend (like most things) changed overnight. Where sustainability is always a keyfocus for Kaizen Print, the health and safety of our customers and your customers has been catapulted into the spotlight. Over the past 8 weeks and what we expect to be a continued trend for the next year or two, disposable menus will be a staple for all restaurants across the hospitality trade.

Today, we wanted to discuss our Single Use Restaurant Menus to provide a little bit more insight into the paper we use and the measures we take to ensure your disposable menus are not only of the highest digital print quality, but also, responsibly sourced to the best of our ability.

Responsibly Sourced Paper

We are huge proponents of sustainability and will never recommend you print more than you need. However we appreciate the challenges that COVID-19 has presented for the hospitality trade and all businesses for that matter. Creating a single use menu goes completely against our reduce, reuse and recycle philosophy, but from a Health and safety perspective we follow current guidance that disposable menus are used where appropriate. 

To counteract this, all our disposable menus and all paper based printing within Kaizen Print for that matter is printed on responsibly sourced paper. This paper is one that has been harvested in a responsible and more sustainable manner. 

Our paper supplier Antalis uses The Green Star System® which incorporates the vital information on the origin of the fibre and the manufacturing process and attributes each paper product a star rating from zero to five based on environmental performance.

The Green Star System® reflects the complexity of what it means to be an eco-responsible product which speaks to a technical audience, but simplifies the information in a rating system that can be understood by all audiences. 

As such, this self-explanatory system can be easily used by companies to communicate about their environmental efforts with various stakeholders without any potential misunderstanding. The paper our disposable menus are printed on achieves 4 out of 5 Green Stars and is fully FSC certified.

How Long Will My Disposable Menus Take to Print

As we are a digital printing company, our Disposable menu printing can take as little as 24 hours. For better value printing, we offer a standard 2-day turnaround on all our menus, not just single use ones. Regardless of what print option you choose, our state of the art Xerox digital printers will print your order to the highest standards, in record time.

To get your printed menus to you in record time, we use DPD for all our UK & Ireland couriers. We also offer pick up from our Belfast print hub for an even faster service.

How many menus do I need?

Disposable menus are offered at much larger printing quantities than typical laminated reusable menus. Digitally printing these means we can print on demand so you can replenish your menus quickly and easily. In the table below we’ve given an outline of how many menus you might need per month with a certain level of customers served per day.

Customers Served Per DayMenus Per Month (Open 7 days/week)

At Kaizen Print we are committed to providing the highest quality digital printing for businesses in every industry. We have a wealth of knowledge and understanding within the hospitality trade and will always make best endeavours to provide the level of service that puts us miles ahead of the competition. Let our experience and understanding of the hospitality trade guide your design and print decision making.

To order your disposable menus, please visit this link. Alternatively if you want to speak to our Customer Service team, they are available Monday to Friday on 028 9002 2474 or via the contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Disposable Menus Recyclable?

Yes absolutely. All the paper we print on is 100% recyclable.

Are Disposable Menus Reusable?

Prior to COVID-19 many of our clients used single use menus as a cheaper alternative to laminated menus or heavy laminated menus. They are 100% reusable, but please follow guidance on use from the Government.