How An Effective Booklet Can Be Used As A Marketing Tool?

A4 Booklet Design and Booklet Printing

No matter how popular digital marketing channels are becoming but still booklets and brochures are an integral part of the current marketing plans of several businesses. There are so many valid reasons behind opting for booklet printing as these can help customers gain lots of useful information about any company or brand. It can serve as unforgettable imagery.

Sometimes sticking to traditional advertising methods can prove profitable to your business and booklets are one of the finest traditional marketing approaches important for selling goods and services because they serve as an information-rich and visually appealing sales platform.

How Business Booklet Does Actually Looks Like?

A booklet is a printed publication that generally contains not more than 20 to 80 pages. It can be used by businesses in virtually any field. It is considered as the best marketing approach which can also be used to tell a brand story. In both ways, booklets have proved to be an effective way to inform your customers about your company, its products/services, and much more.

If you wish to know about the best thing about booklets that set them apart from other types of printed marketing materials or digital advertising tools, then it is their format that gives you enough space to communicate well about your business to your customers. You can do exactly what you intend to without overwhelming the reader.

Booklets may contain different kinds of information which include information about the company, its products or services, and other necessary details. Booklets also include images and photos to better illustrate the business goals and their products or services.

Why Should You Opt For Booklet Printing?

There are several reasons for businesses to opt for booklets as part of their marketing strategy. These include:

1.      Booklets are noticeable and can be really effective for both small and established businesses. It doesn’t cost you much. Startups or small businesses with low budgets can easily find templates online and produce brochures using these templates.

2.      As already mentioned, booklets are highly cost-effective when compared to the costs of marketing ads in magazines or newspapers. Moreover, business booklets can help your business get noticed easily. All you need to do is to choose the numbers of booklets you want to get printed and the size of the booklet and brochure you are going to opt – A5 booklets or A4 booklets. If you opt for bigger print runs, then it will be even more cost-effective per brochure.

3.      Booklets offer a focused presentation of any business and its product offerings. This helps their potential customers achieve a much better understanding of their business and how it functions.

4.      Booklets are highly resourceful marketing tools that can be used in a variety of ways to promote your business. Your booklets will serve their purpose equally even if they are at home, in the office reception area, displayed on tables or stands at any event.

5.      Brochures serve as an effective sales tool for sales assistants and company representatives. These are the most effective marketing form using which your team can interact with customers or leads. You can explain to them about your company, its products/services, and cost comparisons instead of requesting them to visit your website for more details.

6.      Booklet mailshots are also a popular marketing tool. Your potential customers can get knowledge about your business and appreciate it much more when they have browsed through your brochure. It is much easier to read.

Booklet Size, Material & Design Tips

Booklet Printing and Brochure Printing are both interchangeable terms.  Whether you need an annual report, an internal reference guide, or a magazine, you may find a perfect booklet and brochure for every need. Booklets are available in 2 finishing methods – Saddle-Stitched (2 staples on the spine) and Wire Bound with a metal coil binding (more robust for continuous use).

Booklet Sizes

Most of the printing companies offer booklets in 3 main sizes.

·         A5 Portrait

·         A5 Landscape

·         A4 Portrait


In a booklet, printing companies offer a range of 150gsm Silk inner printed sheets. They also give you a choice of a self-cover or heavier 250gsm Silk Card. For additional strength, they offer lamination of heavier cardstock with your choice of Matt or Gloss Lamination only on the front. In short, booklet printing generally includes a heavier 250gsm Silk cover and 150gsm Silk inner, with Matt Lamination on the cover.

Design Tips

While designing your business booklets, along with the principles of bleed and safety margins, it is also practical to consider the pagination and use of CMYK/RGB imagery.

How Should You Get Your Business Booklets Printed?

Now, when you have understood the significance of booklets for your business, it is important to get it printed from a reputable printing company that gives you a good offer for booklet printing. 

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